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/dev/tal +maybe huge LED Matrix


25 Years Attacks on Smartcards +Professional Microscope with Camera and Monitor Beamer (but no screen for beamer) Some electronic stuff


3d printer +3D Printers: -Mendel Max -Irapid -Orca -Ordbot -Ultimaker (2x) Scanner: -Microsoft Kinekt -Table Scanner Others: fieldbed for nightwatch. 3 x Screens 4 x Laptop 2 x PC Box Filament


A2600 +9-12 Laptops 2-3 solder irons ~9 Humans ;) some boxes with other small stuff
AA Hackers +Nothing special, just laptops (and other small devices).
AK Vorrat +information material
Aussenstelle511 +We currently plan to bring projects like: * Flipdots * ...
Awesome Retro +Retrogaming stuff, a fine selection as seen on events such as CCC2011 and OHM2013. Also a gigantic nintendo controller.


BioHacking +Laptops and source code for BioHaskell. BioPythoners, and BioRubyers are also welcome!
BlinkenArea +We will bring some/most of those light objects for decoration: (BxHxT: 1x1.5x0.5m) (BxHxT: 0.8x0.5x0.2m) (BxHxT: 1x1.5x0.5m) (BxHxT: 1.5x1.5x0.8m) (BxHxT: 1.8x1x0.3m) 2 shop-window mannequins Those do not necessarily have to be placed at our assembly.
Bytewerk +are things we bring. some of our projects are found here: We don't bring large stuff :)


C-base +Siri probe (1,5m x 1,5m x 2,5m) foto will be added soon
C3MA and CCCFFM +the FullCircle Lightwall some Seidenstrasse equipment
C3S +Some booth stuff, mechandising and a bunch of laptops ;-)
C4 +unklar yet.
CCCAC +Beamer, beamer screen,
CCCHH +projector and screen, a light art installation
CCT +Mostly smaller things, like laptops, microcontrollers and other kinds of small part electronics, soldering iron, etc.
CONFidence +We will bring: -T-shirt printer (based on epson printer) -T-shirt dryer/press -T-shirt painters + materials -some CONFidence rollups/banners to make a header/banner -some laptops
Café Casier +Coffee machine
Chaosdorf +Ownbeer
Chaospott +Hacksofa (3 meters); NetApp FAS 2050 - 2x10G needed
Chaoswelle +antennas, transceivers, cables, HF frequency detectors, satellite dishes, telegraph keys (Morse), digimodes equipment
Crans +Nothing needing particular extra space. (Space out of the hackerspace is ok too if it's already too crowded)
Cryptoparty +Beamer (311W), multiway power connectors, Nyan Cat style wine gums, Cryptoparty banner, stickers, "Sendung mit der Maus" mascot
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