Contact stefanBA
Description some people playing with light installations and light objects, hacking electronics and software around blinking LEDs and light bulbs, offering (SMD) soldering workshops/sessions
Members Arne, SandraBA, StefanBA
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions Soldering Workshop
Registered on 23 November 2013 23:56:12
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes SMD and through-hole soldering sessions/workshops
Other assemblies...
Orga contact
Brings We will bring some/most of those light objects for decoration: (BxHxT: 1x1.5x0.5m) (BxHxT: 0.8x0.5x0.2m) (BxHxT: 1x1.5x0.5m) (BxHxT: 1.5x1.5x0.8m) (BxHxT: 1.8x1x0.3m) 2 shop-window mannequins Those do not necessarily have to be placed at our assembly.

Seats needed 6
Extra seats 6
Assembly specification 2. We'd like to come together with a lot of people, a spot with lot's of people passing by and good visibility would be nice.
Planning notes Please give us an extra (rectangular) table for showcasing our small projects. It might be helpful if this table could be placed against a pillar or wall. It should be accessible for everyone wanting to look at (and touch) the projects, and also close to our other tables.

BlinkenArea was founded in 2003 by people from all over Germany and Austria that had built or were building small replicas of the Blinkenlights installations. In the meantime, the scope got a little bit broader, so we deal with everything electronic that has a lot of LEDs and/or light bulbs. We usually meet at the Congresses and Camps and show a selection of our light objects. In the last years, we brought a lot of kits that can be soldered at our assembly. We provided soldering irons and support. We plan to do this again on 30C3. So if you like blinking electronic stuff and would like to learn how to solder at all or how to solder those tiny SMD parts, just visit our assembly...

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