Description CCC Düsseldorf / Chaosdorf e.V.
Members AnsisMalins, Byte, Derf, Dictvm, Doc, Feuerrot, Marudor, Muzy, Paraqles, Penma, Takt, Xpatrick
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Registered on 19 October 2013 22:31:20
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Other assemblies...
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Brings Ownbeer
Seats needed 21
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification
Planning notes Rectangular tables highly preferred over round ones! Much better for presenting stuff. They also tile better and bring people closer together

There shall be:

  • Ownbeer
  • MicroMoody Firmware hacking (plus kits and a soldering iron for those interested in building their own)
  • DIY caffeinated chocolate (if someone has a microwave and some bowls, we could even make a workshop)
  • A split-flap display constructed from scratch using a 3d printer
  • ...?
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