Chillfloor: Herzbergstich


Chill at the lake? Relax, bop/dance and enjoy all kinds of ambient and chillout music? We are serving you this at the small, comfy lagoon at the Herzbergstich - with it's own bathing area.

Our line-up promises a varied program. There will be jam sessions at modular devices, hand-made music with vocals and finest selected Vinyl. Also a book reading is part of the program.

At night, our VJs will enchant the lagoon with fantastic light shows. The bar provides us with cold beverages to-go.

Kaffe Güzel has joined us and would also like to enchant you with self-roasted, finest vegan coffee specialities, delicious spicy hot chocolate and Chai Latte á la Güzel. For breakfast, they serve Schüsch muesli and grilled toast sandwiches. The yurt is a great place to hang out - stop by! Kaffe Güzel is a wandering volunteer café, find out more at their website or follow them at Instagram.

You can reach us via DECT 2455 and you can find our program in the schedule.

We look forward to see you!