As with previous iterations of CCCamp, you will be able to purchase a caravan ticket and attend this year’s Camp with a caravan/campervan.

If you’re planning to attend CCCamp with a caravan, please keep the following in mind:

  • Parking your vehicle in the caravan area requires a caravan ticket (not in the parking area – a regular parking ticket is fine for that)
  • If you have a camping trailer towed by a car, and you dont want to sleep in the car then the trailer needs a camper ticket and the car needs a parking ticket for regular parking
  • Please bring a 2 kg fire extinguisher if you have fire hazards in your vehicle, such as flammable gas bottles


Note that preparations are still ongoing. Information is provided as accurately as possible, but without guarantees.

  • There won’t be water or sewage connections
  • There might be power connections
    • Sockets provided will be 230V Schuko, no CEE!
  • There will most probably be network hubs


A separate camping area adjacent to the campground will be available for your caravan. This is the largest and most accessible location. If you park here, you will be able to move your vehicle during the event.

Trucks, caravans and campervans will generally not be allowed on the main campground. However: if you think your vehicle is absolutely indispensable for your village, please contact the village orga.

Keep in mind that vehicles parked on the main campground will have to remain there for the duration of the event. If this is not acceptable, you should use the caravan campground instead.

On Arrival

Drive to the caravan entrance (check-in) position marked on your ticket. We will check your ticket and bring you to your camping spot. Please try to plan your arrival during the day, we can’t provide any services at night. If you arrive at night, you need to wait at the caravan entrance until the day.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail: