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  • Version 1 (2023-05-27): Initial Release
  • Version 2 (2023-05-29): Added clearifications to the colors used, reorganize favicons, added some more icons and other images
  • Version 3 (2023-06-26): Added more icons, favicons and assets, fixed “be kind” image


We use PUSH PINK and GO GREEN in slightly different variants for printing and digital:

  • Printing: C/M/Y/K – 0/100/10/0 and C/M/Y/K - 55/0/100/0
  • Digital: R/G/B – 251/72/196 (#FB48C4) and R/G/B - 63/255/33 (#3FFF21).

See here for examples and details.


Headlines can be typed in Beon or SairaStencilOne. For reading in longer distance “SairaStencilOne” is the better choice. Both fonts are used in capital letters only! Please note that we have modified the “Beon” fonts O and Ö letter.

For running text use Questrial. For readability “Questrial” is used in small and capital letters.

See here for examples of the fonts in different colors and on different backgrounds

Logos and Icons

See the full download on the top of this page for even more versions of the logos, including one for Stitching, 3D orinting and spray stencils. There are additional icons as well.

Camp Logo: Fisty

Fisty-sprayed-Stencil_Neonpink pngsvg

Fisty-sprayed-Stencil_Black pngsvg


See here for some examples. There are more in the download.


All used fonts are licensed under the SIL Open Font License. All other parts of the design are licensed as CC-BY-SA 4.0 (human readable version) and created by Veith Yäger.