Getting Stuff there and back


Do not plan to receive Letters on the camp; Consider this a unreliable OSI Layer 2 Transmission. Letters may arrive in any order, get lost and can be delayed to camp 2027.

You can send letters from the camp. This may get delayed and it is most likely faster to just drop it at the next train station.

Suitcases, Parcels, Backpack, Tents

You can send items to and from the camp using shipping companies like DHL/Hermes/UPS/DPD/GLS/TNT. See the FAQ for details.

The BGP Team can also assist to organize distributed parcel delivery by Erfas/Villages/Teams/etc. If you are such a group and want to know more, please talk to us.

By grouping Stuff into single Transports and travel by Train/Bike/Foot you do not just help the Environment, its also easier to get your stuff from the BGP-Tent to your camping space instead of getting it from the parking lot.

Everything delivered by a Carrier

Please contact the Logistic Operation Center for any larger delivery needs. Definitively Talk to them before any shipment involving trucks!