Payment is in cash only. Local ATMs will probably be overwhelmed. Bring enough money!


The Späti sells snacks like chips, chocolate, and much more.

Food stalls

Feeling snackish?

The Standesamt was working hard to select a variety of finest foodstands in the region to serve you breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweet snacks, salty snacks, midnightssnacks and hot beverages.

Here you can find Information on Prices, Places, Opening Times and dietry requirements.

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@Marketplace you can find:

  • Pizza from Lekkapizza (open 10:00-0:00)
  • Breakfast and various lunch options from Naked Lunch (open 9:00-open end)
  • Burritos/Galettes from Lequeria (open 10:00-23:00)
  • Làngos from der Làngos (open 10:00-00:00)
  • Indian cuisine from Vegan Lovefood (open 10:00-24:00)
  • Coffee and hot beverages from Moondog Café (open 8:00-0:00)

@Kidsspace you can find:

  • Burger from Friedel Richter (open 11:00-02:00)
  • Coffee, hot beverages and breakfast from Hausecafé (open 7:15-18:15)
  • Soft-Ice from a local ice van Milcheis (open 11:00-nach Nachfrage)

@Chilloutspace you can find:

  • Coffee, hot beverages and breakfast/snacks from the Güzels (open 9:00 - 21:00)

@Ringofen2 you can find:

  • Locally manufactured icecream from InnFernow (open 8:00-20:00)
  • Baked goods and breakfast from the local bakery Stadige (open 8:00-17:00)
  • Meat products, breaktfast and more from the local butcher Müller (open 8:00-20:00)
  • Fish wrap and fish soup from the local Seenfischerei Feldberg (open 11:00-16:00)

@Museumshafen you can find:

  • Coffee, Cocktails, Snacks from La Dolce Vita (open 8:00-02:00)

Lieferstando: Pre-ordering at Food stalls

Some of the stalls listed above offer to take pre-orders for food. The stalls where you can pre-order will be present at the camp and you will be able to pick up the pre-ordered products at the stall. Organisational issues need to be arranged with the stall owner.

The Bakery Stadige


Mrs Kiesewetter (+49 173 7638 754 -

Instructions for ordering:

Please book large quantities in advance. However, rolls can always be ordered for the next day. Please let us know in the morning of the day before.

Cake offer:

  • Sweet pastries (crumble buns, custard buns, puff pastry buns)
  • Various yeast dough cakes with crumble and fruit
  • Cheesecake
  • Fruit cake (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry)
  • Savoury onion tart

Range of bread/rolls:

  • Spelt/wholemeal breads
  • Rye/spelt breads
  • Herb breads-rolls
  • Rye/mixed breads
  • Nut breads/rolls
  • Buckwheat breads/rolls
  • Pretzels

Wheat rolls:

  • Rye rolls
  • Multigrain rolls
  • Buckwheat rolls
  • Potato roll
  • Croissants

The Butchery Müller


Mrs Müller (+49 3307 2794 -

Instructions for ordering:

Daily, free, reliable delivery - expected in the morning or as required - EC payment also possible. ("Simply contact us and off you go 😊")


  • Many types of sausages from our own handmade production.
  • The best barbecue specialities!
  • Cheese
  • Meatless cold cuts and schnitzel !!!!
  • If necessary also salads & vegetables

The fish stall


Oliver Pahlke (+49 173 8926987 -

Instructions For Ordering:

Just write an e-mail.


  • Smoked fish (probably trout, char, salmon trout and vendace)
  • fish in flatbread
  • fish soup

Ice Cream


Sascha Fernow (+49 3309 3419960 -

Instructions for ordering:

"I am game for anything. 3 litre buckets are easiest."


  • Ice cream, various flavours

Coffee from Güzel / Kaffee Korrekte


Henning Brode (+49 163 7914379 -

Instructions for ordering:

Just write a mail or call.


  • whole bean espresso (can also be ground at the stand)
  • current green coffee is sourced directly from the farmers as a community blend from the region of Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • basic price: 22€ per kilo, from 100kg: 20€ per kilo

Sale of coffee bean packages at the stand?


Coffee from Creperia


Oliver Lange (+49 172 9953881 -

Instructions For Ordering:

Just write an email or call.


  • Coffee beans (for taste and quantity just ask)

Sale of coffee bean packages at the stand?


Coffee from Hausecafé


Michael Ghebremariam (+49 1577 3801715 -

Instructions For Ordering:

Just write an email or call.


  • Espresso beans (whole bean or ground) - 39,60 €/Kg (Flavours: milk chocolate, caramel, hazelnut)
  • Filter beans (whole bean or ground) - 47,60/kg (Flavours: white chocolate, melon, orange blossom)

Sale of coffee bean packages at the stand?


Village Kitchens

There are Villages who run their own kitchens, some might be willing to share their food in exchange for helping in the kitchen or small donations.

Angels Kitchen

The Angels-Kitchen provides the many volunteer angels with very good food during their work.

Grocery stores

See POIs for grocery stores around the location.