The Chaos Communication Camp takes place at the

Ziegeleipark Mildenberg Zehdenick
Ziegelei 10
16792 Zehdenick (OT Mildenberg)
53° 01' 48" N, 13° 18' 27" E

(Ziegeleipark, OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)

We will organize the basic infrastructure like power, internet, a bar, several food stalls, and beautiful illumination. Everything else is in your hands - so bring your camping gear, gadgets, Go boards, webapps, p2p-simulators, knitted hardware protectors, drones, lockpicking sets and whatever else you need for some days in the big room with the blue ceiling. Respect Ziegelei property and equipment, remember we may want to come back here next time.

The nearby town Zehdenick provides infrastructure like several ATM, Gas Stations, supermarkets and a rather big Hardware Store (read: Hardware as in wood, nails and camping equipment, not as in motherboard).

Points of Interest



Supermarket / Food



Hardware / DIY store

Name Street PLZ Place Distance
Obi Grünstraße 12 16792 Zehdenick 10.8km
Wentowsee Handelshaus GmbH Meseberger Weg 2 16775 Gransee 14.6km