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Open Location Estimation Workshop
Brainstorming workshop for the OpenLOC-project. We are creating an open, free, community sourced mobile location estimation system and we are here to brainstorm the future of the project and get in touch with our like-minded, and build a community.
Organizer user:deadcyclo
DateTime Day 3 / Aug 12 @ 15:00
Duration 10
End 2011-08-12 15:00
Location RadioVillage

Update On day three I'll be in the RadioVillage tent all day long showing off the opengsmloc project project and talking to people who are interested. Feel free to drop by at any time. Im the guy in green pants with a brown t-shirt with the art.on.wires logo. I might take a short break and go to a talk or two. If I'm not here, just call me on extension 99366. I'll also be available for a chat on day 4, if you don't have time today.

A lot of the theoretical work has been done, and a fair amount of code written, but lot's of work remains. We are interested in anybody who is interested in privacy, and especially privacy regarding mobile phones and location estimation. Either you are a hardcore coder, and idea-guy, wonder what you can do to help protect your privacy, want to free yourself from the shackles of google and apples location services, or simply are worried about your privacy when using a mobile phone but don't known anything about the subject, we want to hear from you.

We will be present and happy to talk to you throughout the whole event (arrival 9th. and departure the 15th). We will probably be hanging around the RadioVillage a lot, so that is probably the easiest place to find us. If you are interested feel free to have a look at the website and send us an email.

Both this wiki-page and the website will be continuously updated up to and throughout the camp.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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