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Osmocom SIMtrace workshop
How to use the Osmocom SIMtrace
Organizer User:LaForge
Contact ask LaForge
DateTime Day 4 / Aug 13 @ 11:00
Duration 2 hours
End 2011-08-13 13:00
Location RadioVillage

Osmocom SIMtrace is a small Free/Open hardware + software project to trace the communication between a SIM/USIM/UICC card and a mobile phone. It can also be used to do man-in-the-middle on the SIM protocol.

This is useful for various reasons

  • observe SIM toolkit applications or malware in operator-issued SIM cards
  • block SIM toolkit related request from the SIM card to the phone (SIM firewalling)
  • develop SIM toolkit applications without a re-programmable SIM card
  • try to exploit the SIM protocol parser of a mobile phone to 0wn the baseband

Participants for workshop on Saturday

The Earth
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