PGP Keysigning

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PGP Keysigning
A large-scale PGP keysigning.
Contact userpage / email
People Asbjorn, Atluxity, Axx, Ben, Benjamin, Bluviolin, Boklm, Byterazor, Chalcy0n, CryptoNerd, Erle, Fu86, Izrail, KrN, Krunch, LeSpocky, Marian, Mo, Mononofu, Nougad, R3boot, SAm0815, Sman, TabTwo, Thomas, Xeor, XorAxAx

The main intentention of a keysigning is to improve your personal Web of Trust (WoT).



As you can create keys for any name you want, others cannot be sure whether a key really belongs to you. That's why people meet at key signings and compare the data of your key with your passport or some other official document. If they believe that the key really belongs to you then they will sign your key. (A test with an encrypted email to your email address may be required.) More signatures mean that more people have found a match between you and your key. So you can both improve the trust level of your key and may also get to know some interesting people.

Where / When

Day 3&4 at/near the HackCenter, just after the CAcert assurance event.


To be added to this list, create your Wiki profile and set OpenPGPKeyID and Project properties:

|Project=PGP Keysigning
Nick Name Key ID Email DECT IM Citizen of
Asbjorn Asbjørn Sloth Tønnesen 0x5238B839 2700 H x^2
Atluxity Hans-Petter Fjeld 0xC3750307 Norwegian Embassy
Axx axel simon 0x593F5867 6129 Quadrature
Ben Ben 0x491A3D9C Pentagon
Benjamin Benjamin Sonntag 0x586073E6 6128 Quadrature
Bluviolin Fabrizio T. 0xE90C6E2B 6161 Italian Embassy
Boklm boklm 0x1B678A63 boklm @ FrenchEmbassy
Byterazor byterazor 0xFC5CD433 93322 Geraffelvillage
Chalcy0n Chalcy0n 769D8B3D H x^2
CryptoNerd CryptoNerd 0x00000000
Erle Erle Pereira 0x8496E6A0 Milliways
Fu86 Fu86 0xCD93CE77 Chaostreff Heilbronn
Izrail Sven Reissmann 0x49AA1D99 6995 C4fd
KrN KrN 0x2A43D34C 3131 H x^2
Bitcoin sofa
Krunch Krunch 0x948F646C
LeSpocky Alexander Dahl 0xCC8710D0 92810 / WAV10
Marian Marian Sigler 0xA3F6B1C4 MUUH, GSM: ZOMFG Spline
Mo mo 0x484DC500 2705 Blackout Resilient Technologies Village
Mononofu Mononofu 0x8855FBDD LeiwandVille
Nougad nougad 40FBA2BE 91999 Chaostreff Heilbronn
R3boot r3boot 0xE335B1F1 Mononoke
SAm0815 SAm0815 0x6E0C903E 901453 Geraffelvillage
Sman Georg Sluyterman 0x8EF07D35, 0xD7FFA93D 3232 H x^2
TabTwo TabTwo 0x952F3FFF 3200 Chaostreff Heilbronn
Thomas Thomas Kaschwig 0x3D68D63A Ruby Village
Xeor Lars Solberg 0xF9AE348F Norwegian Embassy
XorAxAx xorAxAx 0x4FC59E44 2635 Fpletzvillage


Individual Signings

Some people are not in favor of large PGP Key Signing events, as they are based rather on government officials issuing passports rather than personal trust between individuals. You can of course try to grab a beer with those people, get to know them first, and then ask them to sign your key.

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