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This category collects all pages that are posted as news items in some news feed of this site. There is a Form:NewsItem to create news items.

Last 10 news items by date


NewsDate NewsSummary
Media 2455789.516 August 2011 If you have any memories, pictures, movies, or other material you'd like to share, we like to invite you to link to them on this wiki.
View the Camp from a plane 2455783.510 August 2011 Local pilot offers flights over the Camp
Binary Voice on air 2455783.510 August 2011 <As of the 10th at 00:00 hours Binary Voice is broadcasting from the camp grounds 24/7 with news updates, content made by the crowd gathered for the hacker gathering in Finowfurt. The camp radio station can be found on Janeway 42 and 51, is on FM 92.6 at the campgrounds and streams to DECT 1926.
Full and Weekend Tickets sold out! 2455780.57 August 2011 We’re sorry, but we will not sell tickets that include camping at the door. We will still sell day tickets and night tickets, so please come, if you don’t want to stay at the Camp, but have a place in Berlin, Eberswalde, Finowfurt, or somewhere else.
More Ticket Options 2455775.52 August 2011 Day and Night tickets available
Campguide released 2455775.52 August 2011 We created a nice Campguide for your orientation
Your tickets are downloadable now 2455775.52 August 2011 Your tickets have been generated now. PDFs are available for download from online ticket sales system.
Raise your binary voice... 2455774.51 August 2011 ...or be forever silent. On the ccc camp radio that is! Starting the 10th at midnight sharp, event radio station Binary Voice will start broadcasting on 92.6MHz FM and on the internet via the Xenim streaming network. And you are invited to be part of this!
Trockendock - a space for all things audio 2455774.51 August 2011 From the folks who brought you the Congress Lounge since 2007 comes a beautiful glade between two shelters - Trockendock. Read on to find out what we've got and how you can contribute.
A place for workshops and to present your hardware project 2455774.51 August 2011 If you want to hold an event outside the official lecture program - be it a discussion round or hands-on workshop - you can use the Mojave shelter any time you want. It is also a good place to put your 3D-printer, knitting machine or Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser as there is enough power, shelter form the elements and lots of people will come by to see what you are working on.
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