Raise your binary voice...

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2011/08/01 - gmc

...or be forever silent. On the ccc camp radio that is! Starting the 10th at midnight sharp, event radio station Binary Voice will start broadcasting on 92.6MHz FM and on the internet via the Xenim streaming network. And you are invited to be part of this!



Raise your binary voice...

A team of dedicated hackers, journalists, audiophiles and generally deranged people will bring news from the camp and the world, live shows by various podcasters, entertainment and music 24/7.

The team is a mix of new people and veterans from HARfm and Signal. But, we are still looking for original, interesting or just funny shows! Don't hesitate, making radio is easier than you might fear. Just pick a few of your favourite tracks, a subject that interests you a lot and some friends.

We have the technology sorted, and there will always be someone to man the mixing desk and help you get on the way. They can even help you get someone on voip or pots in the show.

Just pick a slot, or email us at binaryvoice@stichtinghxx.nl. You will discover the fun of making live radio! Who knows, you might even be interested in a regular show on Signal after this experience.

And in case you do not have anything to say or play, we are also looking for people who know their way around audio gear to help out as a radio technician.

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