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2011/08/01 - simon

From the folks who brought you the Congress Lounge since 2007 comes a beautiful glade between two shelters - Trockendock. Read on to find out what we've got and how you can contribute.



Trockendock - a space for all things audio

Trockendock will be something between the AudioVillage we had last Camp and the Congress Lounge of past years. Space out and enjoy the lightning around the area, we'll have accomodations for various kinds of back trouble, some roofed others not.
Very important: A "big rig" to excite the air around us. The same as 27C3, we really liked it. A bar will provide you with bottled beverages and of course we have invited our favorite DJs and live acts to have fun from 18:00 till the cows come home (if they come home too early we'll fend 'em off). Program starting around 18:00? What's happening during the day you might ask.
That's mostly up to you. So here is our Call for Participation. This might be a bit late but we are very confident in your spontaneity ;)

The day will be dedicated to jam sessions, lighting talks and mini workshops.
You would like to share your knowledge about granular synthesis or spatial mixing techniques?
You could host a little workshop explaining your favorite sequencer or MIDI hacking tool?
Or you just want to announce interest in a jam session slot early on?

Please contact:

At any rate bring along your guitar, sequencer, synth, tambourine, tuba, upright, you know the score ...

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