A place for workshops and to present your hardware project

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2011/08/01 - Julia Lüning

If you want to hold an event outside the official lecture program - be it a discussion round or hands-on workshop - you can use the Mojave shelter any time you want. It is also a good place to put your 3D-printer, knitting machine or Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser as there is enough power, shelter form the elements and lots of people will come by to see what you are working on.



A place for workshops and to present your hardware project

To reserve time and space for your workshop in Mojave just create a page for your workshop with the Form:Workshop and set "Mojave" as village. If you plan to bring some hardware please write a note on the wiki page Mojave so we can make sure there is enough space and power available for everyone.

Have a look at Mojave for more information.

There is also a huge Hardware Hacking Tent at Hack Square (Hx2) where there will be Hardware workshops all day and all night throughout Camp.

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