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Chaos Competence Centers

already created

List of chaos competence centers

Name Topic
1Komona selfempowerment, collaboration, activism, methodsharing
Art & play sculptures and installations
Chaos West moving objects
Open Infrastructure Orbit infrastructure and free networks
Rights & Freedoms digital rights politics and free software advocacy
The Hive digital fabrication

see also: Category Cluster


state your request here:

  • Silent Area: A quiet orbit for introverted people. A safe space for calming down and recharging our batteries.
  • "Rights&Freedoms" - (Politics Cluster)
  • Comfy Competence Center: An association of smaller assemblies who are willing to collaborate in building a quiet and comfy area
  • ChaosZone (coding cluster for all hackers with show and tell)
  • VR - All things VR
  • Audio/Video : All about record, process, stream video and audio and related projects.
  • Space : All things about space tech, sdr, ham, satellites.

why request and dont create by yourself?

because I don't know right now how to open the regsitration to users and if I break the wiki somewhere else with it


alles augefüllt - abgestürzt ;( --padeluun (talk) 20:06, 10 November 2017 (CET)