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Description moving objects

List of Assemblies in this Chaos Competence Center:

Chaos West the wild west of the german hackerspaces is back on the congress. This time we've decided to focus on the motto "moving objects" while keeping our cool lounge. So if you're interested in moving objects of any kind, may it be a hoverboard, a moving couch, or your model making car you're at the right place. We're providing a 20m*10m test-track for all moving objects, (hopefully) a garage with the possibility to use bigger tools like a angle grinder or a welding machine as well as a big stage/workshop area for your talk or workshop.

But DJs, DJanes, VJs and VJanes don't have to despair. In the evening and nights the stage is yours. You're free to entertain the stage-area with chilly and comfy music or to rock the lights on our 5m*3m big LED screen. If you want to give a talk or workshop about DJ'ing or VJ'ing you're also more than welcome.

Please notice we're in a big hall with all other assemblies so we're not the right place for loud music and too bright lights for that you'll have to resort to the official lounge.

This cluster is mainly organized by Chaos West, please get in touch with them for further details like Stage and Session planning.