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This is a property of type Page.

Has improper value for is a predefined property (also known as special property). It is a built-in property that comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

Pages using the property "Has improper value for"

This property is a special property in this wiki. Showing 25 pages using this property.


3D scan yourself +Has language property  +
3D-Printing +Uses money  +, Has assembly type  +


AI: He will be amazed if he stays dead! - Der wird sich wundern, wenn er tot bleibt! +Has language property  +
Anarchist Black Cross +Plays ting  +
Another test +Has language property  +


BalCCon +Uses money  +, Has assembly type  +
Berndcon +Has orga contact  +, Uses money  +, Plays ting  +,


C3RE +Uses money  +, Plays ting  +, Has assembly type  +
C4 +Plays ting  +
CCCMZ +Uses money  +, Plays ting  +, Has assembly type  +
CTF Aftershow +Has language property  +
Chaospatinnen +Uses money  +, Has assembly type  +
Chaostal +Uses money  +, Plays ting  +, Has assembly type  +
Coder Dojo +Has language property  +
CoderDojo +Has language property  +
Coffee Break +Has language property  +
Coffeenerds +Has assembly type  +
CryptoParty für Kinder und Jugendliche +Has language property  +


Der 33 Jahrerückblick: Technology and Politics in Congress Talks, from 1984 to now -- Post-Lecture Discussion +Has language property  +


EDH / Commander round +Has language property  +
EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung +Has assembly type  +
Emacs rehab center (vim workshop) +Has language property  +
Emotional Labor – What is it good for? +Has language property  +


Freifunk-Dresden +Has assembly type  +
Freitagsrunde +Plays ting  +