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/dev/zero +Nothing really special. Laptops, Raspberry Pi, ...  +


22 hard drives from a Westafrican e-waste dump - Behind the Smart World +laptop, hard drives, power strips  +
23x +Nothing, really.  +
27 Years Attacks on Smartcards +Stereo Microscope, Chip Samples, RFIDs, Reverse Engineering Tools, Beamer (needs vicinity to wall for projection area)  +


3D printing Berlin +at least 6 3D-Printers (mainly i3 Berlin). 2 Desktop PC Filament and 3D printed parts  +
3D printing and scanning +Obelix: 8 3D printers, 3D Scanner, Stuff.  +


40 Shades of Frankfurt +To that moment I know there will be Laptops, a show laser, maybe paper for spontaneous disire on Origami and things to thinker and play around with (so maybe Ropes, solder things). Someone would like tro bring a Lego NXT with Software for using via bluetooth.  +


A2600 +some old TVs to connect our prototypes  +
AA Hackers +Laptops, small hardware stuff (sdr, raspberrypi, proxmark3, switches, etc.)  +
Access Now +Flags, banners, waffles makers...  +
Akvorrat +beamer , storage. big networkprinter, demolauti  +
Amnesty International +Flyers, brochures, etc Banner  +
Analoge Gesellschaft +Ourselfs, our ideas and thoughts, just one single kind of simple flyer. Nothing else!  +
Attraktor +Beamer, TV, Soldering Station, 3d Printer, Mate Mobile, SDR Equipment, Xray Cannon, lebanese sweets, coopter  +
Awesome Retro +As many consoles/homecomputer as possible for the area given.  +
Axoloti +Axoloti's, MIDI controllers, mixer, small audio amplifier  +


Bitcoin +we will bring the bitcoin display from Denis Ahrens - we need a LAN connection to make it work  +
BlinkenArea +Many relatively small blinking objects, soldering equipment for several places.  +
Bratzenamt +slushmachine, servers  +


C-base +Space station parts.  +
C3D2 Penta.* +Computers, lot of laptops, colorful lights, switches, soldering iron, stickers  +
C3PB +Our Hackerspace Automation Kit EDI, some lights, and a mysterious network service.  +
C3S +we will bring our 2m*3m stand-up display which we'd like to place behind us; a beamer; lights (mostly LED); about 1m^3 of merchandising  +
CAcert +CAcert members that conduct Assurances with new members. Stationery, a printer, advertising materials.  +
CCC Mainz +beamer, small server, switch, VoIP telephones  +
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