Description Meeting point and activity area for our group. See Description for details on what we are working on
Members Ch4r0s, Gamy, Gzl, M nz l, S0x
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Registered on 30 November 2013 14:26:17
Location for self-organized sessions no
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Seats needed 6
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 1. All we want is some space for our group in the hackcenter.
Planning notes We have no need for many people seeing our assembly. A rather quiet, but not too far of place would be perfect.

Planned projects to be worked on during congress time:

  1. Bioinformatic Algorithms on CUDA
  2. Thot - A multi messaging solution written in clojure
  3. ...

We're also looking forward for discussions and small presentations of results concerning these projects. Interested people are always welcome.

Mitbringsel Liste:


  • Kaffeebereiter
  • 250g Kaffee von Moes Beans
  • Klebeband
  • Schlösser zum picken (mnzl)


  • Lichterschlauch Blau aus der Fachschaft (s0x)


  • 2x Ikea 8port Steckdosenleiste


  • 2x 3port Steckdosenleiste
  • 2x 5m aktive USB Verlängerung
  • 5m Verlängerungskabel


  • 8-Port Switch (100MBit)
  • 8-Port Switch (1000MBit)
  • Netzwerkkabel für uns (~1m)
  • 2x RaspPi
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