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Come and join us in an "extraordinary" food and beverage creations! Learn, teach and most of all enjoy!

It will be first time what we are officially present at c3 conference, the last year it was just a "solo show", therefor we will have to be very flexible and learn quickly to adapt to the environment. I'm sure that there will be many regulations to obey, well let's find out and do our best!

If we have half of the fun which we had during the summer, we should be just fine! It would be great if we manage to make even more recipes and hopefully some extra slide shows and videos so we have what to show to the ones who are not present.

The location of the food hacking base (fhb) has to be determined yet, once it's set we will post it. Please do sign for the mailing list so you are really up-to-date with what is going on, just sign in, say hi and everybody will be happy :-))

Concerning the gear, equipment, ingredients etc. this time we are going to have it donation based. The proposed budget is around 500 euros with most of the equipment provided by fhb enthusiasts. Please check the wish list and budget and get in touch if you can help with that!

Wel,l that should be enough for now, we will be looking forward to hear from you soon and certainly see you at 28c3!

For Food Hacking Base Folks,

Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck

Guide lines

Yes, to your surprise we have some guide lines! Like for example ... Ehhh ... Mmmmm ... I got it "Be excellent to each other!" Uff, that was some work, break time.

You may try to observe how the wiki pages are structured and give a shot to the mailing before you do some huge changes, just a small hint.

Food hacking base/Budget

The start up budget is 500 euros - completely donation based, more information and link in the budget section.

Food hacking base/Workshops

Please, again give us a shout on the mailing list and post your workshop at least a bit in an organized way on the FHB Workshops page, so people can orient themselves in what are going to be the "treat".

Food hacking base/Projects

For the activities which are going to have continuity and will need several days or sessions to be completed this category should cover it.

Food Hacking Base/Day by day

This is the basic list and overview of activities of fhb at 28c3 in an chronological order so you can see how it went day by day, hour by hour.

Food Hacking Base/Recipes and Ingredients

Here is the list of some of the recipes which and ingredients presented and used during the conference.

Food hacking base/List of equipment

Here is the basic wish list of equipment for the Food Hacking Base, what we can not borrow we will have to buy.

Food Hacking Base/Conclusions of our 28c3 presence

Here is a short conclusion of our activities at 28c3, more info is in the archive of our mailing list.

This is just a copy of the first introductory letter so we have something to read and laugh about in years to come :-))

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