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Food hacking base/Workshops

Below is an overview of workshops which are taking place under the Food Hacking Base project at 28c3. The official 28c3 workshop wikies are here. You are more than welcome to submit yourself and teach the others something new, or just kind of show them what you like to prepare and how, not a racket science here! (but it can be if you like). If you just would like to hang around and see something interesting, taste something special and have some fun, come! The last summer we had some really great workshops ranging from sushi preparations, Indonesian cuisine, hungry hacker cooking and of course brewing of various delicious beverages! If you are interested in a particular workshop it is recommended to give a shout to the person in charge so you can secure a spot in case that there are many people coming.

If you want to do a workshop please post to the mailing list or get in touch by [ email]. Compared to the summer it should be more relaxed because we do not do any catering but as a well developed workaholic you bet I'll keep you all busy!

For the participants, please sing in for the workshop in advance if you know that you are coming and have a chat with the workshop leader so everything goes nice and smooth. Add your name/nick name and contact to the workshop attendants and you should be in I guess.

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