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Food hacking base/List of equipment

Below you will find the list of equipment which we already know that we need. As you know it is possible to hack nearly anything but some gear would just come handy. It is preferred to get together what we need by ourself and borrow it from supporters rather than buy it. What we can not get by sharing, we will get based on our budget. The budget will also serve as a "buffer" in case that some of the equipment which we borrow would be damaged, so we can repay it. What we do with the items which we buy? Good question, it is up to us to decide. Proposals could be keep the gear at some place for next event, or make an auction at the end of the event etc.

Please check out the list and if you see something which you would either like to borrow or buy for food hacking base, put your initials to it and your contact at the bottom of the page or post to the mailing list.

Wish list for Food Hacking Base



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Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck (FA)

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