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Food Hacking Base/Day by day

Day Zero

I've hit 28c3 around 13:00, met Kamiwolf and had a chat about what do we have as a gear for angel cooking, resources etc. We prepared some food for angels, mostly breads and also bit of rice and fried vegetables. I've talked to c-punkt who helped me to dedicate a place for food hacking base (fhb) at the floor A just by the entrance to the lounge on the right side behind the door. I've briefly left the ccc to get the rest of my gear and returned around the midnight to continue in my night shift catering for angels. I did a bit of food hacking preparing a "Japanese" variety of the sandwiches which in this case consisted in combining miso past as a base with bit of wasabi and sheet of nori on the top with bit of vegetables. I've to say that I was happy with the result. As you can see I've posted this news later on and took few pictures of the space and gear. I plan to work on the food hacking base infrastructure after this and finish my catering before 8:00. After that I've to go shopping to get ingredients for our projects, come back to set up the fhb, prepare for the workshops and go for it! From 20:00 I've again night shift so I hope to transfer the fhb to the rest of the enthusiast.

That should be all for now, take care and talk to you soon!



Day One

Today around two pm the food hacking base opened. I did just a small hack when I roasted a bit of musli with creamed coconut and seasoned with honey and lemon and at the end added probiotic kefir culture. I've announced the evening workshop for kombucha and missed the opening one for kefir because the congress wiki pages were down. The kombucha brewing workshop went well and I hope that we will keep it up in the next few days. Tomorrow we have another workshop starting at 17:00 till 19:00 which we will do in "combo" with Alex who will teach how to make traditional Russian kvass and I'll demonstrate how to make water kefir soda. During the day we will start food hacking probably around 1-2 pm preparing some sushi and pralines and doing some other food hacks depending on who is going to be around. We have spend up to around 100 eu on the budget, with 50 eu for ingredients in UK and 43.18 eu for ingredients in Berlin (day one). We have collected 18.18 eu directly, so based that it was day one and we have been opened just for few hours with nearly nothing for tasting to present ourself, that is quite pretty good I think. I'd like to keep the budget spending for tomorrow under 20 eu, making it more easy for us to get in to the plus numbers before the end of the congress.

So at the end of the day one I'm happy that we are on the track, lots of people around remember me or food hacking base already and are looking forward to pop in so it looks quite pretty cool.

I'll keep in touch and I'm adding few pictures from the event.



Day Two

Hi to all! Today was quite busy no surprise there ... One conclusion for sure, we need more people being around food hacking base to help promote the project because I've confirmed today that making the food samples, providing infrastructure for the workshops, making the workshops is a bit too much for just one man.

Sven has dedicated today his time to teach me and few enthusiast how to make pralines with the use of the traditional dark chocolate with nutela and marzipan filling. Man it was messy but the results were truly sweet!

When we finished the pralines we have moved quickly to the B4 where we did workshop with Alex. Alex demonstrated and talked about how to make traditional Russian kvass and I did demonstration and bit of talking about water kefir grain culture and kefir culture. We have managed to do several new brews and invited people for future workshops and to pop in the food hacking base.

Well tomorrow we plan to make another praline workshop and finally sushi workshop. The major workshop of the day is about making both alcoholic and non alcoholic versions of ginger beer which will happen at A3 (downstairs) from 17:00 to 19:00 and everybody is welcome, there will be some interesting tastings!

Concerning finances we've spend today 23.14 eu and got 5.19 eu on donations. Most of the ingredients are for tomorrow and Friday. It looks like that in the next two days we will not have to shop nearly at all. I'll also focus on getting more donations are way, I want to cover our spendings at 28c3.

Anyway I'm adding some pictures below so have fun and talk to you again tomorrow.



Today we have had another brewing workshop this time on ginger beer both alcoholic and non alcoholic version. The workshop was success many thanks to Arnd who took care about the alcoholic part of the workshop and bottling section. People were coming quite in a high numbers today to check fhb so we did lots of promotion making a bit of sushi and sharing kvass made at Alex workshop, pralines done with Sven and various other food hacks did during the congress. We have spend 6.35 eu for food supplies and we have got 41.80 eu on donations.

Tomorrow at the day four and last of the conference we will have kombucha workshop from 12 to 14:00 in the hall B4 and French cheese tasting workshop with Francoise from 14:30 at food hacking base. After that we will probably start to pack, so we are done around 17:00 more or less. Anyone who is interested in pobiotic cultures just come and get them!

I'll upload the pictures within few days, I'm just too tired to do so.



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