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Frequently Asked Questions

For German Version, see also Ticket_FAQ_de



See Tickets.


What's all this about batches?
In order to prevent a black market and ticket hoarding, the tickets will be made available in several batches. The first (and smaller) one will opened Sunday 10-10, see blog), the next and bigger one after the announcement of our lecture program (Fahrplan) 11 November. More batches will each be announced in good time, so whoever didn't got a ticket from the first batches always has another chance.
What are "golden" tokens? How do I get one?
Our so-called "golden" tokens are reserved exclusively for our Angels from 26C3 who will receive it by e-mail if they registered their e-mail address with our infamous Angel system. All other visitors should use the presale system starting some time after September 27, and obtain a normal token. Angels receive golden tokens, everyone else gets a normal one.
Can I reserve my token immediately after the presale starts?
No, you'll have to wait 24 long hours. It's our way of protecting us against bots and similar plagues. This means that at the beginning of the presale, all you can do is create an account, which you can use to order a token 24 hours later.
What happened to the pupils ticket? Why is there only a “Nachwuchsticket”?
With the ongoing internationalization of the Congress, it became harder for us to validate school ID cards from foreign visitors. Also we had a lot of discussion if college students are considered as pupils or usual students. As we are about to support the young generation, we changed the ticket system. We think it's fair to say that everybody up to the age of 18 (as in: Birthday after 26.12.1992) is considered to be the “Nachwuchs”. Please bring a (sufficiently convincing fake of a) document, in case we are in doubt about your age. If you are 18 or older (I.E. not entitled for "Nachwuchs" ticket), but for some reason have trouble paying the full entrance fee, send us an email. We will find a solution.
I'm a Feng-shui student at the prestigious School of Planet Jupiter, may I get in with a “Nachwuchsticket”?
As long as you up to the age of 18 (Birthday after 26.12.1992), yes. If you are older and have trouble paying the full entrance fee, send us an email. We will find a solution.
Is this 18 or under or 17 or under?
See former Question. "up to" (Birthday after 26.12.1992).
I haven't paid my CCC membership fees yet. Can I still get a member ticket?
We don't think it's fair to allow a discount for people who don't actually support the CCC. So, no.
Futhermore, make sure to execute your payment early enough, as we can only consider payments made before the beginning of December.
Can I buy a full event ticket at the cash desk as usual?
No! Full event tickets are available via presale only.
I need a receipt for my ticket. How do I get one?
Please contact us.
Will it be possible to buy a ticket if you don't have a german bank account?
It is possible to make a payment via a local CCC “Erfa” or via (international) bank transfer. We also offer payment via credit card.
Why are there no single day tickets for day 0 and 1?
The cash desk is going to be very busy with swapping the presale tickets for badges. We would like to avoid the additional hassle of selling tickets to visitors without a ticket. From day 2 onward we will sell a small quantity of day tickets for spontaneous visitors, though.
I'm a member of the press, a blogger, VIP, Social Media Expert, or something like that. Can I attend for free?
No. Social-media experts should remember that we are, in fact, a hacker club.
I would like to buy a business/supporter ticket to receive champagne and sandwiches, what do I have to do?
Convince your employer to buy a business ticket, and magical things will happen.
How do i see if my payment was received?
The presale payment status is currently updated manually. This may take a few days. Thanks for your patience. if your payment status is updated, payment_confirmed will be shown instead of confirmed.
When can I download the tickets?
We'll generate the PDF files two weeks before the congress. Until then, you can see the status of your order (confirmed or payment_confirmed) in the web interface, but not download and print your tickets.

How can I pay the tickets?
You can pay your ticket via regular wire transfer to our German bank account or credit card.
My bank needs the Beneficiary Address to make International Wire Transfers. What information do I need to give them?
Normally, with the IBAN, a non-German bank should not require any additional Beneficiary Bank payee information.
Beneficiary Name: CCC Veranstaltungs GmbH
Beneficiary Account Number:: (Generally, use the IBAN number when wiring from abroad)
Account number: 17695105
BLZ: 10010010
IBAN: DE05 1001 0010 0017 6951 05
Beneficiary Address: Marienstraße 11, 10117 Berlin, Germany

General Questions

I'm 17 years old. Any problems there?

No. Besides: Hackers should be judged by their hacking, not bogus criteria such as degrees, age, race, or position. (taken from: Hacker ethic) See also [Nachwuchsticket]

Is the Congress-Center open 24/4?


I've heard about women being harassed at tech cons. Do I need to worry?

The Chaos Computer Club is, by its chapter and by common consent, a galactic organization of all life forms, regardless of their age, gender or upbringing. We are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable experience for everybody attending our events. Harassment of any kind, including physical assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking, or unwelcome physical attentions will not be tolerated. No means no.

Generally, the Congress is a safe and friendly place, and the vast majority of attendants knows how to behave without us having to tell them. If you run into someone who doesn't and can't resolve the problem yourself or with the help of other attendants, don't hesitate to contact the security angel, either directly by calling 110 on DECT, or by asking any of the volunteers to do this for you. We will provide help and assistance.

Why is the Congress so expensive? I only earn XYZ?

Frankly, we don't think the Congress is expensive: None of us gets paid for their work and the entrance fee just covers the inevitable costs for internet, power, bcc staff, external supporters, etc. We try to involve every attendee by their financial capabilities. If you think think the entrance fee exceeds yours and you still would like to attend, please contact us via email.

What to bring to a Lightning talk?

See Lightning Talks

Bring yourself, and your project. Since you obviously read the wiki page and have received your confirmation e-mail, you know that we already have your slides and you know exactly when you're speaking. If you want to speak, head over to the wiki page for more instructions, along with tips and suggestions to make the most of your talk!

Network related

See also: How To Survive and the Network

Will there be 802.11a wifi at the congress?

Yes. See Network#WLAN

Can I bring my own wireless equipment to the Congress?

No, please do not bring any wireless access points with you and please do not operate a wireless access point at the 27C3. See Network#WLAN too.

Can I run my own network or my own DHCP server at the Congress?

No, please do not ever configure your laptop to run in Ad-Hoc mode nor otherwise create a network and please do not run DHCP servers.

Is it okay to use unencrypted protocols (http, telnet, smtp, pop3, imap, irc et al) on the congress network?

While you certainly can use those protocols, expect others to see everything you transmit (including usernames, passwords, your email, your dirty talk with your partner) and make appropriate fun of you.

You are advised to use either the secure counterparts to those protocols (https, ssh, pop3s, imaps et al) or create an encrypted VPN tunnel to the outside world if you really want to use insecure protocols. There is a HowTo on doing this with OpenSSH available in English.

Also note that simply using Tor to encrypt your insecure protocols is an even worse idea. The exit node of your Tor connection can read everything you transmit in the clear. Including everything mentioned above. Also, the Tor exit node may happen to be within the congress network again and you'll have the same problem as before.

Secure Messengers

Which messengers use secure logins? Can i use for example Skype or Jabber without giving someone the chance to sniff my password?

Jabber is secure when using SSL (you usually can check this in your client). Skype is a somewhat obfuscated, not easy to sniff, protocol. This is most likely security by obscurity, you have to decide whether you think that nobody has tools to decrypt skype messages or whether you want it really secure (e.g. use a different protocol and SSL). In general, you can test this at home using a tool like tcpdump (on Linux/BSD/OS X, start it with tcpdump -A -s 2048) or Wireshark (former Ethereal) on Windows -- if you see your password/username in plaintext, everyone could.

Is my iPhone secure at 27c3?

See How_To_Survive#iPhone

How can I setup my laptop to tunnel all network traffic through SSH?

The "How to Survive"-article doesn't cover this yet. So far I just found hints on tunneling a single port. Some good hints anyone? try portforwarding via iptables, or give Secure Network Forwarding Tunnel a try. maybe there are better solutions.

-> You can twist ssh to act like a SOCKS-Proxy, see below. HowTo on doing this with OpenSSH

The HowTo above requires OpenSSH 4.3 - if you don't want to or can't upgrade (which btw. is a bad idea)… here's a workaround/nice trick for older SSH-versions:

  • Install pppd on your server & client
  • Enable IP-Forwarding and NAT/Masquerading on the machine your SSH-Server is running on. (in Linux, as root)
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -j MASQUERADE
  • On your client add a dedicated route to your SSH-Server via your default gw: (in Linux, as root)
route add InsertYourSshServerAddressHere gw `route -n | grep -E '^' | awk '{ print($2) }'`
  • run pppd-over-ssh (one line, in Linux, as root)
pppd nodetach noauth defaultroute replacedefaultroute pty "ssh root@InsertYourSshServerAddressHere
pppd updetach noauth passive notty"

Authenticate using password or better using keys.

Have a lot of fun! :) Do you want a clean solution? Setup openvpn - oder openssh 4.3, of course.

Use ssh as an secure network tunnel

You can use ssh to act like a SOCKS-Proxy. Setting up an ssh SOCKS-Proxy is very easy. Just type in

ssh -fND 4223 user@server

where user@server is your login at the server you want to use as the tunneling endpoint. The command establishes a connection to your server, logs in as "user" and starts a little SOCKS-Proxy on it. The -f command tells ssh to go into the background so you can continue working at the terminal. On your computer, all connections to port 4223 will be forwarded over the secure SSH channel and then by the proxy to the destination. You have to configure the program you want to connect through that tunnel to use localhost:4223 as it's SOCKS server. (Like Firefox' proxy-configuration.) For using software that doesn't support SOCKS try out tsocks.

Will Peg-DHCP also be available in the wired LAN ?


Are there guidelines concerning videotaping/taking pictures at 27C3?

Of course, yes. But same rules apply for private videotaping and pictures as for the press.


Who should I contact if I want to become a Chaos Angel?

You can register yourself at the Engelsystem.

See the Angel FAQ for further information.


Will there be a Gym for sleeping at again this year? How much will the fee be?

See Accommodation.

What do I have to bring when sleeping in the Gym?
  • Sleepingbag
  • matress
  • flipflops
  • pair of earplugs ;-)
Will there be a place to deposit luggage (such as lockers) ?

We have the Cloakroom where you can deposit your luggage for which we cannot assume liability. Real lockers are in the nearby train station ("Alexanderplatz").

Can I camp outside of the conference center again this year?

Depends on the definition of outside, but if you mean around the BCC the answer is no.


Will you be allowed to bring your own food into the Congress-Center?

Rule of thumb: Feel free to bring the cookies your Grandma baked - but never order pizza (or things like that) into the bcc.

The Phone Operation Center

What DECT phone should bring or buy ?

See the DECT Phone Compatibility List

Where can I find the POC ?

They are located at level C.

Special Phone numbers

Number Feature
2088 Labyrinth
8666 Adult Services
8330 ERNA
2089 Maze
8463 Time
2087 Menschenrechte
2086 Beichte?
2085 fortune Cookie
4246 Hacker Hotline
Archived page - Impressum/Datenschutz