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The Phone Operation Center (powered by Eventphone) will be present at the 27C3 this year again with a mobile DECT system and phone infrastructure.

You can bring your own DECT phone and register it at the 27C3. So you will be able to call other 27C3 participants for free. To secure your personal extension in advance please register and then enter your extensions in the phonebook.

Additionally we will have outside connectivity via PRI-ISDN over IP tunnel. For more information visit the Linux-Call-Router project.



The extension registration is open:

Dial In

This year our dial-in number is 0461-5056623-XXXX, where X is the extension number inside the congress.

Dial Out

The outdial is like last year: To dial to a German number, just dial the area code and number as you would do elsewhere in Germany. For Berlin you also need to dial the area code! Example: 030 1234567 (dialing to Berlin) For our foreign visitors: In Germany the area code always starts with the '0', so if you like to dial an German number like +49-xxx-yyyy, then you remove the country code (49) and add the '0' for accessing the area: 0-xxx-yyyy.

Note: It looks like it is not possible to call mobile phone numbers from inside the BCC -- you may only call (German?) landlines.


This year you can also register with your GSM phone. On the registration page at you can add your mobile GSM/UMTS phone too.

- Choose an extension. You will receive a 'token' with your extension number.

- Start manual network search on you mobile. Select the network "262 42" or "D 42".

- Enter the token to your mobile phone and start dialing.

Your SIM card is now registered to our GSM network. You may change the extension number any time by entering a different token, or change the phone by entering the token there.

We have a GSM helpdesk close to the POC desk. For more information visit the Linux-Call-Router project.

Please also look in the GSM article for more detailed and more up-to-date information: GSM#How_can_I_participate_in_the_network

After the Congress

If you don't need your phone anymore after the Congress consider giving it to the POC for organizing future events.

Special numbers

Number Function
6283 Mate-O-Meter
7666 Voicebarf (Next lectures)
8463 Time
8484 HackerHotline
8666 Special Services
8888 Mailbox
8124 music/lorem ipsum
8001 Saal 1
8101 Saal 1 (DE --> EN simultaneous interpretation, if offered)
8002 Saal 2
8003 Saal 3
2088 labyrinth
8123 PoC menu
8124 music/lorem ipsum


Q: Will sipdroid work with the Eventphone setup?

Please note : for GSM releated Queastions ask there : GSM#User_Questions

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