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Unfettered high-speed Internet access as well as a high-performance on-site network will be available during 27C3 via both wired and wireless connections.

In case of any network emergencies, serious malfunctions or questions, contact the NOC helpdesk. You can find their counters in the hackcenter as well as on C-ring, next to the POC.


Rules of Conduct

  • Be fair! Do not do to others what you do not wish done to yourself!
  • Protect your Computer! We cannot be taken responsible for any damage your computer may face due to attachment to our network. Be reminded that both internet access and the local network are unfirewalled and unfiltered. Even well-maintained systems might always be attacked and get hacked, even more so on a hacker event.
  • Do not run your own DHCP server! Doing so is harmful. We will detect, locate and disconnect you.
  • Do not ARP spoof or otherwise impede the operation of the network! We are quite able to find and disconnect you, if necessary.
  • Do not use the wireless for downloads and streaming! Current wireless systems simply do not allow us to deploy enough capacity to make such things possible, so go to the next wired LAN port for such things. These will be plenty, and your connection will also be much faster.
  • Think twice before you do something that affects others! If you hack someone, you might be prosecuted. Be aware that we cannot prevent law enforcement from acting within or related to our network.

Abuse Contact

If you have trouble with users from this Netblocks and ASNs:

  • 2001:67c:320::/48
  • AS13020

then please call out abuse hotline:

 +49 1577 389 0872

Wired LAN

We provide a baseline wired connectivity at 100Mbit/s throughout the building. Most wall-ports as well as passthrough ports at most access switches provide 1000Mbit/s, which you are advised and encouraged to share with self-supplied switches as neccessary.

Please bring a long ethernet cable (5 meters should be good). This will make it easy for you to reach a nearby switch almost everywhere. If you come in a group or expect to hang out in fixed places, bringing a switch and some cables is advised.

You are encouraged to use the wired network to its full capability and capacity as long as you don't disturb connectivity for other people. That being said, there will be ample local and internet bandwidth for even the most demanding needs.

If you have special connectivity needs or wishes, be free to request them at the NOC helpdesk. We can even provide 10Gbit/s connections for interested groups in the hackcenter.

If you require your own server on site, you are invited to connect it to the congress network. An ad-hoc colocation facility will be provided in proximity to the NOC helpdesk in the hackcenter.

Wireless LAN

We offer 802.11a, 802.11g and 802.11n access on both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz band. We do not offer 802.11b service because it uses too much airtime and spectrum.

  • DO NOT download files or use streaming over the wireless. It can't handle it! If you see people violating this rule, advise them kindly to refrain from doing so.
  • DO NOT operate your own access point. Doing so harms the connectivity of others. We will detect, find and disconnect you.
  • DO NOT use ad-hoc networks. They consume an extraproportionate amount of airtime. Use the wired network or USB sticks to share files.
  • DO NOT operate mesh networks except as outlined below. We do support mesh network use and experimentation, but high network density requires us to regulate their use.

2.4GHz 801.11g and 802.11n

The congress network will operate on channels 1, 5, 9 and 13. Channel 13 may not be reachable with non-EU interface cards, but our strong need for maximizing available channels forces us to use it anyway.

In the Hackcenter, channel 1 is reserved for mesh networking.

5GHz 802.11a and 802.11n

Our infrastructure networks will be run on various channels up to and including channel 64.

Channels above but not including channel 64 are available for mesh networking.

Mesh Networks

We support experimentation with and use of mesh networks.

On 2.4GHz, you should only operate mesh networks on channel 1 and only within the hackcenter. This is required to allow bearable infrastructure connectivity, so please stick with it!

On 5GHz, all channels above but not including channel 64 may be used by mesh networks freely throughout the building and surroundings, including outdoors.

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