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Lightning Talks are concise lectures given by camp participants on a wide variety of topics!


Bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span! Discuss a program, system or technique! Pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a crew of people to your party or assembly! Whatever you bring, make it fast and fun!

Wnat to see more about how they work? Check out the Lightning Talks from the 31c3 (Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.) and the 30c3 (Day 2, Day 3, Day 4)


Lightning talk registrations are open! Use the Create Lightning Talk page and follow the instructions. There is no registration deadline, but we expect that the sessions will fill up before the camp starts.

Timeslots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis to participants who do all of the following:

  • Create a proper Lightning Talk Page
  • Upload slides or a visual element in 16:9 format
  • Confirm their attendance by e-mailing
  • Present their material in a spirit of excellence to each other [1] [2].

If you plan on giving your talk on a specific day, submit your entry as soon as possible. Preliminary slides are okay, but remember to update them at least 24 hours before.


How long are the Lightning Talks?
So we can maximize the number of cool talks and opportunities, talks are no longer than 5 minutes.
I've never given a talk before, I don't think I can do it!
Yes you can! Many LT presenters have never spoken in front of a huge audience. This format is great for first-time speakers to get their awesome ideas out and gain comfort speaking in a safe space.
My lecture didn't get accepted, I need at least $AMT_OVER_5_MINUTES to give this talk!
The sad fact is that most lectures designed to be given in over 30 minutes by speakers accustomed to taking more than 45 minutes cannot be successfully cut down to a coherent 5 minute talk. We suggest focusing on one particular element of your talk that you can give in 5 minutes or less.
I need to connect my laptop to do this demo!
Bear in mind, you have 5 minutes to get set up, give your talk, and get off the stage. If you can give a three minute awesome demo, go for it! Specify that you need to do this in your e-mail.


Lightning talks will happen on Days 2, 3, and 4 from 16:00 (4 PM) to 18:15 (6:15 PM).

The schedule below will automagically populate once talks are accepted and scheduled.

Day 2

Friday, 14 August

Location: Simulacron-3

title start duration description tags organizer language
Lightning:Lightning Talk Introductions
Day 2, 16:00
A warm welcome to the Lightning Talks
lightningtalk Nickfarr en - English
Day 2, 16:05
RobustIRC is IRC without netsplits
SECuRE en - English
Lightning:NFCGate - NFC Hacking made easy
Day 2, 16:10
Inspecting NFC communication used to be annoying, so we built an app that lets you relay pretty much any NFC protocol using two Android phones, and we're giving it to you to play with.
nfc, relaying, android Malexmave en - English
Lightning:British Library Labs: Experiment with our digital collections
Day 2, 16:15
British Library Labs encourages people to do things with our digital collections and data - creative things, research-related things, innovative or entrepreneurial things. We have lots of data available under open license for download, and more will be available at CCC Camp. This talk will be an introduction to why the British Library wants to open up its data in this way, and what people are doing with it.
open data, libraries, experiments, culture Katiee en - English
Day 2, 16:20
In Berlin werden Spätis durch immer schärfere Kontrollen daran gehindert, auch Sonntags zu öffnen. Da dies der umsatzstärkste Tag ist, haben viele mit der Existenz zu kämpfen. Doch das BerlLadÖffG lässt sich hacken: sobald Spätis Stromtankstellen werden, dürfen sie täglich rund um die Uhr öffnen. Die Voraussetzungen, was fehlt, und welche Unterstützung noch nötig ist, das stelle ich in diesem Talk vor.
berlin, culture, elektrotechnik Rka de - German
Day 2, 16:25
Open embroidery machine. How we hacked a common sewing machine into an embroider.
sewing, embroidery 3dsman en - English
Day 2, 16:30
Neo900 is a project that aims to make an open smartphone that incorporates a number of novel security features that can help to detect and/or suppress rogue behaviour of untrusted subsystems.
smartphone, hardware, security Wpwrak en - English
Day 2, 16:35
The goal of this talk is present a way to abuse a default feature of Cisco routers. The feature mentioned is the Embedded Packet Capture (EPC), described by the Cisco: "... a powerful troubleshooting and tracing tool. The feature allows for network administrators to capture data packets flowing through, to, and from, a Cisco router." We were able to abuse this feature and build a system to collecting massive data and store them for analysis purpose. The PoC developed uses multiple Cisco routers configured with default accounts to send their data traffic (input, output or both) to our repository and finally we are able to starting the processes to transform these raw data packet files in useful information. Such as user credentials, pre-shared key keys, URLs and many other potential sensitive data can be extracted, but additional "features", like cyber attacks, are planned for the future. The subject presented by the researchers would help a simple penetration tester during a usual engagement , additionally it's possible configure a larger set of routers to collect data and build a huge database, hack the planet style.
cisco, pentest, hacking, surveillance Rfdslabs en - English
Day 2, 16:40
Introduction to a form of Speed Dating where every participant meets everyone else instead of the usual boys-meet-girls. Aims to facilitate projects, romance, sex and every other form of cooperation.
Sproodl en - English
Lightning:Mechanical Logic Gates
Day 2, 16:45
A few years before WWII, an engineer named Konrad Zuse and a few of his friends designed and built a mechanical computer out of cut out sheet metal. I will attempt to explain the basic idea in his design of mechanical logic gates.
zuse, z1, logic gates Metaplinius en - English
Lightning:Safer C, Address Sanitizer and Fuzzing
Day 2, 16:50
Address Sanitizer is a powerful compiler feature that allows a certain level of memory safety in C. It is intended to be used to find bugs, but I want to try running it in production.
memorycorruption, addresssanitizer, asan, fuzzing, c, memsafe, linux, gcc, clang, llvm Hanno en - English
Lightning:Tails - amnesic incognito live system
Day 2, 16:55
This brief talk will give some more insight on where we're going as the Tails project and how you can contribute to Tails or free software we benefit from!
privacy, tails, otr, tor Tails Contributors en - English
Lightning:No need for cookies, we have your phone number!
Day 2, 17:00
Presentation of the session: (No) Privacy in Mobile Networks in Italy
privacy, security, online tracking, political Ors en - English
Day 2, 17:05
QtPass a multi-platform GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager.
pass, gpg, git, qt Anus en - English
Lightning:Tim has too many projects
Day 2, 17:15
Tim has too many projects. Come find out about as many as he can get through and watch him beg for help!
fpga, hardware, python, recording Mithro en - English
Lightning:Z-Wave - hack the Smart Home Standard
Day 2, 17:20
Z-Wave is one of the globally leading wireless standards for Smart Home. Despite being partly open its dominated by large commercial companies providing - more or less - robust controls like door locks, heating gear of light switches. Learn how to hack/control/complement commercial Z-Wave devices to turn homes really into Smart Homes. Little hint - don't forget your Rad1o badge.
wireless, z-wave, smart home, zigbee, home automation Christians en - English
Lightning:Emacs Org-mode
Day 2, 17:25
A short demo for vim-users and other non-Emacs users to demonstrate the power of Emacs/Org-mode.
orgmode pim emacs

Day 3

Saturday, 15 August

Location: Simulacron-3

title start duration description tags organizer language
Day 3, 16:00
genesis: origin, beginning, source

re: renew, restart, reset .re: Reunion - French teritory near Madagascar I had my first experience in 2008 and ever since I've been on the trip... Redefining what is possible - setting up permanently temporary combination of CCC, Boom and Burning Man in the Southern Portugal. 1st step: acquire capital by working high-yielding jobs in London (welcome to the bubble, let's make use of it)

hackbases, coliving, coworking Stefek99 en - English
Lightning:The Right to Dream, A hacker & indigenous community starred fable
Day 3, 16:05
Over the last year I have been filming in Oaxaca ,Mexico the first world project of indigenous community owned GSM network using open hardware ansd softwareare . The network is run by the local comunnity ,Rhizomathica helps them to set up and maintain it. Right now there is 19 community using the network , but it's growing fast. This community still have prehispanic systems of organization where the land it's no private and even in some of them the spanish is not the main language. I would like to talk about the experience, and show some images.
mexico, gsm, openbsc Keka Lopez en - English
Day 3, 16:10
This talk is about how we tried to create rules for HTTPSEverywhere automatically.
tls, httpseverywhere Fr333k en - English
Lightning:MENACE: Machine Educable Noughts And Crosses Engine
Day 3, 16:15
MENACE is a machine learning robot built from matchboxes designed to play connect 4. In this talk I will be explaining how MENACE works and giving an introduction to the basic ideas of machine learning.
math, machine learning Mscroggs en - English
Day 3, 16:20
5 is a new initiative of Chaos macht Schule Berlin. The aim is to empower people to use open source software tools for secure communication and file transfer at schools.

We got a toolset for schools, children and parents, which protects privacy and freedom of information. The challenge is to bring tools to school which support hacker ethics like sharing, openness, decentralization, free access to computers, world improvement.

If you can't join, let us know about you on our pad:


We want to network and share experience about how to motivate non technology affine communities to use secure technologies with you.
de - German
Day 3, 16:25
Join us as xmc and nblr conduct a dramatic reading of the ITU-T standard Q.6. Refreshments will not be provided.
billing, interworking Cc3e en - English
Lightning:Open Web Apps (without the pain)
Day 3, 16:30
Creating free and open web apps has always been possible, but never been easy.

Find out how my experience creating Hacker Slides was easier and more enjoyable

than I'm used to thanks to the Sandstorm platform.
web, free software Jack Singleton en - English
Lightning:Manufacturing Electronics Fast and Low Cost
Day 3, 16:35
Manufacturing electronics no longer appears something that can be done at a small scale due to the ever shrinking sizes of electronic parts and the complexity of PCBs. This talk aims to convince you otherwise.
pcb, pcba, soldering, pcb assembly, prototpying, fabab Yannick en - English
Lightning:The Internet in Iran
Day 3, 16:40
Iran is a country of contrasts. Much like the USA, the politics of its people range from progressive to ultra conservative. Its conservative government works hard to regulate the media in Iran, and a big part of that is controlling (and censoring) Internet access. In this short talk I will share my experience using the Internet in Iran in April 2015.
Nf en - English
Lightning:Food Hacking Base Now
Day 3, 16:45
I'll focus on this year development of Food Hacking Base project with proposals for actions in 2016.
food hacking base Algoldor en - English
Lightning:MEGA65 - Recreating The Holy Grail Of 8-Bit Computing
Day 3, 16:50
A short introduction of the MEGA65 8-bit computer
retro, demoscene, 8-bit SvOlli en - English
Lightning:Bringing hacker culture to schools
Day 3, 17:00
BEE Creative is an initiative of the luxembourgish ministry of education to seed makerspaces all over schools. This is a premiere for a government to support and acclaim a hackerspace based method of education
makerspace, school, education Macfreak109 en - English
Lightning:Liberating mobile devices with Replicant and contributing
Day 3, 17:05
This lightning talk will (quickly) highlight various aspects of developing on Replicant, the fully free Android-based mobile operating system. It will provide some insight about why more developers should join-in and how to get started with it.
replicant, free software, mobile devices, privacy/security, contributing, hacking PaulK en - English
Day 3, 17:10
The Anelok project aims to build a small portable password safe, following an "open everything" development model.
anelok, passwords Wpwrak en - English
Day 3, 17:15
CoderDojo is a thing where people teach kids how to code. It's great and you should do it to.
kids, coding, coderdojo, teaching Plaetzchen en - English
Day 3, 17:20
Writing postcards to imprisoned hackers, bloggers and whistleblowers. Tell them we miss them and show your support! We've made 2.500 postcards, we want to send them all
postcards, solidarity, writing, manning, brown, hammond, zone9 Dosch en - English
Lightning:Tim has too many projects
Day 3, 17:25
Tim has too many projects. Come find out about as many as he can get through and watch him beg for help!
fpga, hardware, python, recording Mithro en - English
Lightning:24hr after kickstarter launch
Day 3, 17:30
I launched my kickstarter campaign on 14.08 (Camp day 2). Let's review the work, that was done to get it online and discuss some funny and unexpected things that happened after launching.
kickstarter Peter.poetzi de - German
Day 3, 17:35
food, foodhack Anus en - English
Lightning:Liberate your data: CSV 🎵
Day 3, 17:40
acoustic version
opendata, csv, music, ukulele Openkater en - English

Day 4

Sunday, 16 August

Location: Simulacron-3

title start duration description tags organizer language
Lightning:Apple adapter repair jig
Day 4, 16:00
I'd like to show a self made tool to open Apple adapters in an easy, proper way. It allows you to quickly repair the cable problem, and save yourself €70. I'll show the different steps on how to repair the adapter.

Broken adapters are welcome for live demonstration.

You can come over to the Hardware hacking area to repair your adapter yourself
tool, repair, apple Tomvdz en - English
Lightning:Crypto Reloaded: rebranding the Dark Web, spreading art & infosec around the world
Day 4, 16:05
Two interventions to resolve the paradox of discretionary power in the age of mass surveillance are proposed. The paradox is that on one hand, discretion can be dangerous in the context of centralized power—but at the same time, trust in the discretionary power of our fellow hacktivists underpins the workings decentralized spaces and action that can help empower otherwise disempowered people. The first intervention is a rebranding of the subset of those decentralized spaces and action structures formerly known as the Dark Web—now the EDTR (expressing, dissenting, teaching, resisting) web—to make it more sustainable, safe, and simple to talk about. The second intervention is a reproducible art and info kit designed to produce trust spirals with art supplies and positive psychology exercises, enhance information security by propagating crypto, and transmit free books around the world. 

Tech community, sit down. Well ok, you’re already sitting down, or maybe the grass is wet or whatever and you don’t want to, but that’s not the point.

We need to talk.
dark web, information security, activism, research Yeti en - English
Lightning:Decentralized package signing
Day 4, 16:10
Proposal to improve system of package signing in current (linux) distributions.
packages, signing Niekt0 en - English
Lightning:Protocoder - Arduino-like programming for Android
Day 4, 16:15
Protocoder is a "in device" framework that simplifies tinkering, experimentation and prototyping using Android devices.
protocoder, android, prototyping, fast Victornomad en - English
Lightning:Wild Village Adventure
Day 4, 16:20
This talk is an invitation to like-minded hackers to join our adventure next summer!!

My long-term goal is to create an intentional community of nature-lovers, self-sufficient & creative.

One of the steps is the mini-hackathon-festival-camping next summer. Location is an old family farm in the mountains in Lika, in Croatia. Time: 2-3 weeks in July-August 2016. Topics: fun, unconference, camping with children, making a sauna, and brining mesh networking to the rural area.
hackbase, nature, community, camping, cooperation Becha en - English
Lightning:Lombrosity - Faces Of Hackers
Day 4, 16:30
Lombrosity is the end of a 7 years photography project aimed to composing the largest collection of Hackers Portraits from around the globe to prove that (aside from humanity and generally being AWESOME) there is no link or pattern which denotes "the hacker" phisionomy and/or character.
photo, hacking, portraits en - English
Day 4, 16:35
We designed a tamper computer to protect your data. We would like to connect to develop some applications around privacy.
Zozo en - English
Lightning:Peak level performance
Day 4, 16:40
We as humans have bodies and brains. We can do pretty much anything, but how do we do it right? Take for instance breathing - it's very addictive and if only we could improve it by 1% a day that be million X during our lifespan that is inevitably going to extend.... Proposing: it's about the journey and the journey starts now!
genesis Stefek99 en - English
Lightning:Hacker yoga presentation
Day 4, 16:45
I sit long hours in front of a computer. Standing desk can help but... You need to exercise as well :) 5 minute very simple (all levels, even 100 years old) demonstration included
yoga Stefek99 en - English
Lightning:Food Hacking Base Now
Day 4, 16:50
I'll focus on this year development of Food Hacking Base project with proposals for actions in 2016.
food hacking base Algoldor en - English
Lightning:Eaternity: Hacking against Climate Change!?
Day 4, 16:55
With ⅓ of our greenhouse gas emission originating from our food consumption, food does matter to our planet as it is important to our daily routine. If we continue our trends, it is predictable when we will run out of ressources and cause our climate to change. By enabling smart decisions, food takes the biggest share of things we can do -- one-by-one -- to cut down emissions by 1 ton per person and year. And this also by enjoying a delicious, affordable and healthy cuisine. Everyone can cook! Let’s make a difference.
ccc-ch, food, climate Manuel Klarmann en - English
Lightning:DeFEEST organisation
Day 4, 17:00
How does deFEEST organisation work.
orga, organisation, fest Remi en - English
Lightning:Internet Cube
Day 4, 17:05
Let's Build together a Free, Neutral and Decentralized Internet.
internet, privacy, net neutrality, decentralization Taziden en - English


If you have any questions, please e-mail