Lightning:Manufacturing Electronics Fast and Low Cost

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Description Manufacturing electronics no longer appears something that can be done at a small scale due to the ever shrinking sizes of electronic parts and the complexity of PCBs. This talk aims to convince you otherwise.
Tags pcb, pcba, soldering, pcb assembly, prototpying, fabab
Person organizing User:Yannick
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 3
Desired timeframe 16:00/4PM

Programming is an essential aspect of engineering, however, unfortunately, its importance is inversely proportional to its popularity among the students in the Bachelor Industrial Engineering Sciences of the Brussels University (VUB). An attempt was made to design and develop custom hardware specifically for this course, that students can connect to their laptop with a USB interface, and then write their own software to control it. The consequence of its improvised nature were very tight budgetary and timing constraints.

In this talk, Yannick Verbelen discusses techniques to speed up the development cycle of modern electronic hardware while keeping the costs down. Using the example of a four sensor weather station, the requirements for a small scale production runs are discussed with specific attention to the fallacies and pitfalls that such a production run brings along.