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Description A short demo for vim-users and other non-Emacs users to demonstrate the power of Emacs/Org-mode.
Tags orgmode pim emacs
Person organizing
Language en"en" is not in the list (ab - Abkhazian, af - Afrikaans, an - Aragonese, ar - Arabic, as - Assamese, az - Azerbaijani, be - Belarusian, bg - Bulgarian, bn - Bengali, bo - Tibetan, ...) of allowed values for the "Held in language" property.
Duration 5
Desired session Day 1
Desired timeframe 16:00/4PM

As a former vim-user, I want to give a short demo on how advanced Emacs/Org-mode is for organizing your digital self: task management, project management, spreadsheet, integration of programming languages, and so on.