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Description Solar-Powered Enviromental Sensor based on an an esp8266 module. The Sensor will measure Temperature, Humidity, UV Index, Light-Intensity and Barometric Pressure.
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Persons working on Blkhawk
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Tags Weather, ESP8266, IoT, NodeMCU
Located at village Village:idiopolis
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This Project plans to offer basic environmental data and most importantly information about the current UV intensity at camp. It us based on an inexpensive (3-ish EUR) esp8266 Module and a string of sensors attached to an i2c bus. The Module ran a NodeMCU Firmware with a set of lua scripts at first. The Firmware has now been reimplemented in C because of problems with (power) efficiency. FUN FACT: reimplementing did not help it was an issue with the hardware setup.

The Sensor has been working since Day 1 but due to the "difficult" wlan environment isn't always reporting measurements.

Sensor Data

Pretty Graphs: [1]

Dump last Dataset (JSON) [2]

UV Index Chart

UV Index Media graphic color Risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure, for the average adult Recommended protection
0–2.9 Green "Low" Wear sunglasses on bright days; use sunscreen if there is snow on the ground, which reflects UV radiation, or if you have particularly fair skin.
3–5.9 Yellow "Moderate" Take precautions, such as covering up, if you will be outside. Stay in shade near midday when the sun is strongest.
6–7.9 Orange "High" Cover the body with sun protective clothing, use SPF 30+ sunscreen, wear a hat, reduce time in the sun within three hours of solar noon, and wear sunglasses. (Australian slogan: Slip-Slop-Slap-Seek-Slide.)
8–10.9 Red "Very high" Wear SPF 30+ sunscreen, a shirt, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat. Do not stay in the sun for too long.
11+ Violet "Extreme" Take all precautions: Wear SPF 30+ sunscreen, a long-sleeved shirt and trousers, sunglasses, and a very broad hat. Avoid the sun within three hours of solar noon.

Source Code

download for the LUA Prototype source [3] (use with nodeMCU)

download the C Sources and Libraries for esp8266-Arduino here


Outer Case
  • ESP8266 (ESP-07)


  • bmp180 Air-pressure sensor
  • Si1145 Calibrated UV index / light intensity sensor
  • bh1750 Ambient Light sensor
  • DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor


  • IRC: blkhawk@freenode (#esp8266)
  • E-mail: blkhawk -blah- blkhawk -blubb- de