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Description Collecting RSSI and environmental (pressure, temperature, humidity) data from iBeacons located in crowd
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I want to determine how the emitence of BLE Beacons (iBeacons) changes depending on certain environmental parameters (humidity, temperature, barometric pressure). I already have implemented a small tracking system for BLE Beacons using Raspberry Pis as receivers. However a good calibration is needed for useable distance measurements, which unfortunately depends on environmental conditions. So I thought I could use the camp as a good testing environment to collect data in an steadily "perturbed" (people wlaking arround, other electrical devices, ...) environment. I will of course make the measurement data public, and also add some analysis later.

Edit: Due to a mixture of laziness and a slight underestimation of the amount of work needed for this I was not able to actually record data -.-