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Description Food is responsible for about 30% of our greenhouse gas emissions. We created a software tool to make it possible for everyone to calculate the CO₂-impact for meals. Check us out if you want to save the world ; )
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We have a big appetite for change ; ) - we have collected probably the largest collection for life-cycle-studies (LCA) to measure the CO₂ footprint for every single ingredient. By putting the number together we see, that we could reduce carbon emission by more then 50%, by making smart decisions on what we eat. So how do we get there for everyone??? We started out programming http.// a software that will make all this information accessible in a convenient format. Say: recipes for great delicious healthy meals.

Please give us your honest feedback, what you think about this, and what we should do with it.

Anonymous: I think this is a great project, but it is really hard to tell people to eat different stuff.

Anonymous2: Yeah, nobody wants to go vegan. And it looks like, that this is what you are promoting...

Anonymous: wahh!