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Description An Idiocubator is a service that helps new and startup villages to develop by providing services such as training or space.
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Persons working on BuZz
Self-organized sessions create self-organized session
Tags incubator, shop, disruptions
Located at village Village:Idiopolis
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We will be assisting new and exciting disruptions with:

  • Coffee/Tea
  • Lipo charging
  • Lipo suction (discharging of Lipo)
  • Meme creation
  • Laughter
  • Offering 'storefront' for selling kits/items/stickers/stuff
  • -possibly- a cryptocoin exchange, or a 'localbitcoins' variant for just @camp
  • ...

Some of the AMAZING startups we are helping blossom into fruition:

The storefront will offer these disruptions' productions in exchange for a fixed obligatory donation

  • Projects:EspLight , A wifi controller PCB for RGB ledstrips, featuring the famous ESP8266.
  • Some RGB ledstrips for aforementioned product, and powersupplies.
  • Projects:Teledildonics , A 433mhz wireless controlled vibrating massage-egg. (and some other related, products)
  • JXD393 "Space Trek Defiant" , A simple 4 channel 2.4Ghz quadcopter with gyro built-in. with 380mAh battery, about 15 gram of spare lift and about 10 minutes flytime. Controller can be hacked to be operated through an arduino.