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Description These are DMX connected, 24V powered RGB led spotlights, mounted on a pan&tilt head.
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Persons working on Cha0z97, Petraea
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Tags lights, dmx, infrastructure, Idiopolis
Located at village Idiopolis
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We have always had rgb lights at NURDspace, and they are a great way to fine-tune atmosphere. As such, we have become accustomed to having them around.

As we were planning out the Geodome, it dawned upon us to incorporate this aspect of delight into the finished project.

Thus, this project was born.

Early on it was planned to become a 2.4ghz wireless system, but we moved to DMX along the way, as we had to run powerwires to all of them anyway.


  • 3W RGB-led sporting a 10deg narrow angle lens, mounted on aluminium heat-sink for sufficient heat dissipation
  • 180 degree pan function for the LED
  • 180 degree tilt function for the LED
  • The brain of the node is the Pro Mini, featuring the AtMega328P uC which sits on top of female headers, so you can swap it out.
  • Supplied by 24 to 5-6V, and regulated down by a Switching PSU to 5V.
  • Power and signal are provided through Molex connectors
  • 3D printed bodies for mounting the pan/tilt system and the PCB
  • PCB is built up part SMD / part through hole
  • Two modes of operation: DMX or standalone, selectable by DIP
  • Big 3300uF cap for those dire times, electrically speaking.


  • Each node has 6 channels
  • Each node is addressable to 512 addresses by means of a DIP switch array
    • Control channel for RED ranging from off to OMG my eyes!
    • Control channel for GREEN
    • Control channel for BLUE
    • Control channel for PAN
    • Control channel for TILT
    • Control channel for pre-programmed functions. (As of yet; display_address(), beserk()) more to follow
  • The DMX chip used is the LTC485S, currently operating in receiver mode. However the chip is capable of transmitter mode as well. The hardware supports toggling receiver/transmitter mode, but this feature has not been implemented in software. Hackaway, and turn the node into a DMX transmitter!


  • One DIP will toggle standalone/DMX mode. When in standalone mode, the node will perform various routines as configured by the remaining 9 DIP switches



In Idiopolis there is a dome, about 4 meters high, you should be able to spot it. Look inside. :)

Also, they are for sale in the Idiocubator. (we made about 50 to sell, price TBD)