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Description Web app for collaboratively composing lists.
Has website,,
Persons working on Noya
Tags collaboration, lists, python, javascript, open source
Located at assembly Assembly:ICMP
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Listling is a service for collaboratively composing lists. Free, simple, no registration required.

You can give it a try on Listling @34c3, an instance especially hosted for the 34c3.

The service is powered by Open Listling, a free and open-source software released under the AGPL.

Feedback & Help

Have a question? Simply talk to us at #listling on freenode or come around to our assembly.

Have an idea? Found a bug? Awesome! Please create an issue.


In the course of the 34c3 we will implement some new features and fix some outstanding bugs. If you want to hack on the project and contribute, that's great! Please create any pull request against the 34c3 branch. More information about contributing is available in

If you need some inspiration on what to do, have a look at the open issues.