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Description Intergalaktische Club Mate Party - Every two years the ICMP takes place at the source of all Mate and we have a great time :-)

This is an assembly of loosely related organizations from the Erlangen/Nuremberg area; We cover a broad range of topics, including programming projects, classic hacking, and organizing hacker events like the ICMP. If you're new in Franconia or already living there for some time and want to get in touch with the community matching your interests, just drop by and ask. We're procuring contacts and are always happy to show and discuss projects of our members with interested people.

Members Anola, Arctus, Avi, Beowulf, Ceddral, Codemonk, F30, Fuma, Fusie, Iridium, Koomi, Llandon, Lnxu, MEschenbacher, Maxfragg, Nathanel, Neverpanic, Noya, Okkie, PoempelFox, Poxar, Raimue, Reshief, Rincewind, SEYAN, Saeissl, Schumi, Stargo, Toda, Ypnos, Zogan
Projects Listling
Self-organized Sessions Child Growth Monitor, Child Growth Monitor Meetup Day 3
Related to Assembly Assembly:FabLab Nuremberg, Assembly:Assembly der Informatikfachschaften (AIF), Assembly:Backspace, Assembly:FAU FabLab
Tags students, hacking, erlangen, bavaria, franconia, nuremberg, 34c3ctf
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This is a collective assembly by members of various people and organizations from Erlangen/Nuremberg, including (in no particular order)