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Link to the official schedule

We traditionally provide a static HTML export of the Fahrplan, where you find the list and timeslots for talks accepted during the CfP. You can also obtain several export formats like PDF, JSON, XML and iCal there.

If you are searching for that calendar, just head to ../Fahrplan.

If you like to have a full overview over all activities going on during the congress, please visit the Calendar page, where you can find a calendar containing all talks as well as Self-organized Sessions. That calendar is an aggregation of the static Fahrplan export and dynamic information around this wiki.

Crawling the Fahrplan

During the last years there where always people trying to dump a static version to provide a fallback in case of failure. As this causes a lot more traffic on as necessary, it is now possible to download a dump of the Fahrplan as tar.gz. You can find a file telling you the current version and the link to download the Fahrplan at

The content of the file looks like this:

VER: 2014-12-08 15:58 - en: Version 0.91b 2014: A Congress Odyssee

The first line beginning with "VER: " always tells you about the time of the last export, the locales of the export and the current version. The last line, always beginning with "URL: " tells you, where to download the dump of the Fahrplan as tar.gz and will provide a full URI.

This allows you to create a script to automatically dump the Fahrplan and extract it on a different location and also ensures that you always retrieve a clean version of the fahrplan while a crawl might happen during an update of the Fahrplan and might contain inconsistent data and broken links.

It might also be a good idea to full this file for apps using the JSON, XML or iCal format of the Fahrplan in oder to know, if anything might have changed. There won't be any changes without the file beeing updated as the structure itself is just a static export of the Fahrplan und the information within the file itself is used as a reference for a fresh download.


Apps for the Fahrplan can be found on the Apps page.


This calendar is filled using information aquired from an export of the original Fahrplan. This is still work in progess, so it might contain incomplete information.

This is the calendar for Static:Schedule. You find the complete calendar on Calendar.

You may select one of the following filters:


This calendar has no events yet.


Fahrplan Events

List of Fahrplan events