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The 31C3 Schedule/Fahrplan app (Play Store | F-Droid)

The Schedule/Fahrplan app is an offline viewer for the 31C3 Chaos Communication Congress conference schedule. This app is free and open source since 2011.


  • English/Deutsch
  • Browse the schedule
  • Read the abstract of lectures
  • Set reminders
  • Browse schedule changes
  • Mark your favorite lectures
  • Show your favorite lectures in a single list
  • Give feedback for lectures (when the feedback system is up)

Download via F-Droid or via Play Store

AxxG's 31C3 Schedule (Play Store)

in app puchase ? The in-app purchases don't change the functionality of the app. You can invite the developer to a Club Mate for 1.49 euros or 2.49 euros for a Redbull. In-app purchases are not evil;-)

This app offers the session plan, information on the speaker and the Congress general. In addition, a twitter and youtube client has been integrated into the app. Based on the re-data Project, a universal API for events. Special thanks to Toto!


  • In Englisch and German
  • For Smartphones and Tablets
  • Twitter Client
  • Youtube Client
  • Find around the CCH with maps
  • Filter sessions by language, room, track or skill level
  • Offline data
  • Favorites
  • Search for sessions and speakers


Giggity will eventually know about 31C3; otherwise point it to the right URL.

31C3 Congress Search (Play Store, APK Download, Source)


This app is a free and open source android client for the 31C3 Search Portal, a YaCy Search Engine with an index of,,, and a ranking which prefers the most recent conference pages (boost on 31c3 and 2014). The search does NOT go to other search portals then the dedicated YaCy peer.

This is not only a convenient way to search for the conference pages, its better than a search to g**gle etc. because:

  • it's a focus on the ccc pages
  • it has an appropriate ranking as it prefers 31C3
  • it gives you privacy, because the search is not going to the big search portals with their spying on user behavior


31C3 Fahrplan for iPhone, iPod and iPad (AppStore)

You know the drill - last year's Fahrplan app updated for 31C3, including new features:

  • Import your halfnarp pre-selection with the app!
  • Overall revamped user interface for both iPhone and iPad
  • Offline-Capable: Once you've synchronised with the Fahrplan server, the app does not need to be connected to the Internet anymore unless you want to update to the most recent Fahrplan version
  • Enhanced filter options: Filter your Fahrplan to suit your needs and explore talks you're really interested in
  • Extensions: Fahrplan App includes two Today Extensions for Next Up and Reminders.
  • Neat speaker profiles with additional information and pictures
  • Reminders: Never forget a talk with Fahrplan App. As soon as the official congress Fahrplan is released, you're able to pick talks as favourites and you'll be reminded 15-20 minutes before the talk starts, so you don't miss it and have enough time to find a great seat
  • iCloud sync: Of course, all your reminders are synchronised across all your devices
  • What's on right now: Have a neat list with talks that run right now and easy access to live streaming, in case you can't make it in time.

Any thoughts, feedback or suggestions? Hit us up: @FahrplanApp

Wanna have an app for your frab-driven conference? Hit us up: @FahrplanApp

Hey iOS 6 users: We've updated the data source for the old (and still iOS 6 capable) version of Fahrplan App - download it from your iCloud / iTunes purchases in case you're still stuck with iOS 6.

Congress – 31C3 Fahrplan for iPhone, iPod and iPad (AppStore)

Based on the re-data Project, a universal API for events.


  • In Englisch and German
  • For iPad and iPhone
  • Calendar or list style overview of all sessions
  • Find around the CCH with maps
  • Filter sessions by language, room, track or skill level
  • Offline data: Find what you are looking for even if the WiFi is down
  • Watch live streams and video recordings right from inside the app
  • Favorites
  • Reminders: Never miss a session
  • Optional iCloud sync for favorites and reminders
  • Search for sessions and speakers
  • Receive optional updates via push

31c3 wikiapp final screenshot small.png

31C3 Wiki App for iOS 6, 7 & 8 (AppStore)

... will be hopefully(!) available next days update: now surprisingly reviewed and available!!!

  • ❯❯❯ more info & screenshots ❮❮❮
  • 5 user configurable tabs
  • Lectures (auto-refreshing Fahrplan)
  • Reminders (Events+Alarm in your 31C3 calendar)
  • Streams (provided by VOC as Audio+Slides, HD & SD via RTMP & Website)
  • Assemblies, Sessions, Lighting talks, Projects, Rooms (on demand from this wiki)
  • Users (i.e. GSM/DECT number lookup)
  • Hackerspaces (from
  • Favourite (any displayed information)
  • Offline data caching
  • 9 colorful day- & night-themes
  • Hey, there's even Pong inside!   ❘   ˙ ❘
  • Supports iOS 6, 7 & 8 for iPhone & iPod
  • formerly known as BarfBag (AppStore, github)

More information can be found on the project page for the Wiki App.

Fahrplan C3 - Your personal event organizer (AppStore)



  • added 31c3 schedule
  • light design update
  • performance improvements
  • usage of system font size
  • iPhone 6/6+ support


For a quick overview and lecture preferences, just use the halfnarp.

Browser based


A usermap is available at [1]. You can use it to share your current location (click on your location and copy the link) or to get a quick overview. Works your smartphone, too.

In addition, feel free to use the tiles at{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg for your own applications. Zoom levels 0 to 5 are available.

3rd party fahrplan

- Javascript based filter for the fahrplan, external hosted: