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Description Free software reimplementation of Age of Empires II
Has website
Persons working on Jj
Tags Coding, Game, Software, RTS
Located at assembly Studentennetze, H4x0rPsch0rr, OpenLab
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One year later, we've made big progress:

  • All original game assets are imported and can be used
  • Pathfinding and unit actions (movement, attacking, following, ...) is working

Still the project is far from finished, but you can help out!

We are rewriting the Age of Empires II engine in C++11 from scratch under the GPLv3+. Including "modern" technologies like OpenGL and GLSL, we aim to create an exact clone (for now), using the original media files. This allows people using GNU/Linux to play the game natively, minus features, plus additional epic bugs (or was it vice versa?).

The code:

IRC: #sfttech on