EXperimental Robot Project

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Description The goal of the eXperimental Robot Project (XRP) is to develop an open-hardware humanoid robot. Right now, the focus is on building a bipedal walking machine - arms and hands will follow (much) later.
Has website http://www.xrpbot.org
Persons working on Norbert
Tags robot, open hardware
Located at assembly C4
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The eXperimental Robot Project is developing an open-hardware bipedal walking machine as a first step towards a full humanoid robot. We are aiming at a machine that is at least teen-sized (i.e. ~1m, ~30kg).

At the moment, we are developing control algorithms for walking and testing them in simulation. We are also testing various actuation concepts to find something that can provide the required torques and power while being lightweight enough.

We are not yet at a stage where it would make sense to bring hardware, so we will mostly be hacking on our software and discussing stuff.