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Contact IRCnet #studnetze
Description networks for students
Members 0815, 9er, Erdbeer, Felixs, Happy, JanLo, Jj, Micha, Mik, Mueslo, Percidae, Rasko, Shreyder, Td, Toothstone
Projects Openage
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Related to assembly DIYISP, Freifunk
Registered on 27 September 2014 17:37:57
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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Orga contact
Brings 19"-Rack (24U), network equipment, Laptops, signs (maybe), nothing special so far.
Seats needed 40
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 3. We need something special or in between those options: Please specify in the field planning notes.
Planning notes [[Has planning notes::The NOC provides us a 10G fiber network connection to our assembly. Please locate us in Hall 3 directly on one side of the stage or, if this is not possible, in Hall 4 on the back wall, as close as possible to the passage to Hall 3 (as there are the fiber plugs). Please contact the NOC-Team member ( for further information.

We don't want to be in a busy spot with tons of people passing by. Maybe somewhere on the side, where we still can be seen. Not too far from Shackspace or Freifunk would be cool!

Please also locate us next to/near H4x0rPsch0rr and OpenLab Augsburg. Please also locate us next to/near C3D2 outdoorGCHQ.]]


We are students who build IP networks for student dormitories.

So far, most of us are non-profits/clubs from all over Germany, dedicated to improve research and education and help students.

We like to get in touch with more student networks from all over the world. The ones we know are in the overview of our wiki, and so far they're all just in Germany. And we like to encourage people to found new ones, or similar non-profit ISPs.

Members of this assembly so far include guys from Selfnet e.V. (Stuttgart), SpacePub e.V. (Nuremberg), Sielnet e.V. (Braunschweig), StuStaNet e.V. (Munich), StuNet (Freiberg), FeM e.V. (Ilmenau), AG DSN (Dresden) and more. Visit us!