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Description We aim to establish air superiority by having as many r/c objects in the air as possible. Show off your awesome drone, challenge others to FPV races and let them blinkenlights fly.
Has website
Persons working on KameraBernd
Tags quadcopter, drones, uav, r/c, arduino, arducopter, multiwii, multicopter, hexacopter, octocopter, fpv
Located at assembly Milliways
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31c3 needs moar air support. Camcopters, QAV racers, nanos, spyplanes, the lot. We do not discriminate against you based on your choice of controller, ESCs or R/C. Come, discuss, enhance, make things better (and blow the occasional sheet of paper from the desks).

We want to hack, solder, fly, blinken and have fun with airborne things.

Please be advised that we do not have Air Traffic Control indoors. Don't take other PPL's eyes out or tangle some poor nerd's long hair.