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Description The Alternative Learning Tank is a nomadic school and artistic organization that focuses in the research, creation and implementation of educational programs on progressive and radical fields of knowledge that are not contemplated by educational institutions. It strives for a reform of those institutions, embracing how knowledge is being produced and transferred in the XXI century. Drawing from precedents such as contemporary social movements, digital rights, hacker culture, new media and a general critical stand point about technology. ALT develops a practice of intellectual production and advocacy at the intersection between pedagogy, art and activism.
Has website
Persons working on MBeltran, Postdigital, Zilog
Tags education, hacker ethics, design, interaction, art, Digital Civil Rights, Creative Commons
Located at assembly Noisy Square
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The forces that decide educational curricula are increasingly market-driven. We resist this tendency from within the institutions themselves. Drawing from precedents in social movements, digital rights struggles, new gestures in performance, new models of resistance, new media and we take a critical stand on technology. Our practice is one that develops forms of knowledge production and progressive reform between organizing, hacktivism, pedagogy and art. ALT operates as a nomadic research department that explores, implements and publishes educational content on new fields of knowledge that are not yet contemplated by the official institutions.

During the 31C3 the ALT collective will be presenting three approaches to dialogue with CCC visitors:


We will deliver a talk about ALT on the 30th at 15:00 in the Hall 13

"Taking the crypto-pitchfork out of the squares and the hackerspaces and into the institutions"


"We are artists and researchers from further away and we come to spy on the event. This is a difficult task, since everything that happens is part of the event and we don't want to miss anything of importance. We have to try to keep track of everything. We are used to hard work, but for two people alone it would be an impossible task. So we built a set of self-built electronic devices and applications that gather as much data as they possibly could and provide us with analysable output. Our machines work with a great variety of phenomena: images, spoken word, written word and even tiniest vibrations in the air. They can sniff incidents in the intranet, carefully extract passwords, listen to talks, and take motion pictures throughout various dimensions. What they receive will be obscured, anonymized and presented immediately. Since the output is distorted, we would like to explain our findings in a short live audio-visual interactive performance. Definitely, the strength of our devices lies in collection and reflection. The conference, the topics discussed and its participants will generate a valuable piece of memory through our machines."


During the 31C3 members of the Alternative Learning Tank (ALT) will present The Anonymous Selfie Machine an installation that will allow conference goers to give their opinions about privacy in a privacy preserving way. This is to be part of a greater intelligence gathering operation in which the ALT collective investigates the meaning of privacy in a society with generalised access to technologies that make invasions of privacy accessible to everyone.