Performante Enorm Nützliche Internet Suchmaschine

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Find files on Congress FTP servers within milliseconds!

Built without Node, iPage, Rails, Redis, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL, Regex, Perl, Cloud, FrontPage, AWS, Docker, Emacs, …

However, our search was not able to get us a real ElasticSearch expert to our assembly. So, if you're an Expert™ or know someone who's capable of configuring analyzers and cool things like this, please walk by at our assembly so we can improve the shitty search … :D

Code is OpenSource as usual, but please do not value us on this code, it is produced within hours at the congress and is still in a refactoring process! You're as always welcome to contribute some code, beer, knowledge, pizza, …

Your FTP seems to be missing? Contact us at 6742 (ORGA), check out our assembly or drop a line in #geheimorganisation at the hackint IRC network.

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