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Website https://c3d2.de/
Contact Right behind the Info Desk.
Description Hacking in the valley of the clueless: CCC (Erfa) Dresden <<</>>
Members Alice23, Astro, Bigalex, Eri!, Herr flupke, Tuxcodejohn, Vv01f
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions SIM-Card Sharing
Related to assembly Sublab
Tags c3d2, dresden, gchq, pentaradio, opendata, dn42, erfa, hackerspace
Registered on 7 November 2014 21:49:01
Location for self-organized sessions no
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Location 2580, 8670
Orga contact mail@c3d2.de
Brings laptops, routers, cables, mate, papers, long papers, coffee, cookies, piles of bags, computer generated tcp and upd packets, software, brains (maybe), a positive attitude, goodwill, duct tape, trash (sorry, we will try to keep it minimal)
Seats needed 23
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 1. All we want is some space for our group in the hackcenter.
Planning notes


The Chaos Computer Club Dresden (C3D2) is a group of thinking individuals who enjoy having fun with the creative use of information technology.

We like to study and find out the way information processing systems work, to use or enhance them, in any way whatsoever. The knowledge we obtain is shared in a free manner. Of course this is only possible with free access to communication, for which we campaign.

Technology has a huge direct or indirect influence to our society, which is why we try to investigate it on a technical and social basis. For us it is important to respect the peoples rights, exceptionally the right to informational self-determination.

We like to see us as a platform for like-minded people and form the easternmost node of the Chaos Computer Club in Germany. In Dresden we are domiciled at the C3D2 HQ.

Everyone is allowed to participate. Visitors may join us on this assembly, regular meetings, public events or on various places around the internet.

You can find us on hackint at #c3d2 .

Hint: Assembly is behind the infodesk.

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