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Description Play *Crash!*, a game full of intergalactic fun and inofficial spin-off from the CCCamp story.
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Tags Game, Schnitzeljagd, BER
Located at village Village:BER
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Welcome, galactic travelers!

You are part of a bunch of stowaways who secretly run a notorious speakeasy bar aboard the wonderful *Heart of Gold*, where your boss, Dentrassi bar owner Zonnon Erlang, serves bootlegged *Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters* to thirsty customers.

But the party at the bar comes to a sudden halt when the *Fairy Dust* goes through a rough touchdown on planet Terra, where the official crew wants to stock up supplies and conduct necessary repairs: The **Triptychial Distillator** (TM) that you need to produce *Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster* bursts into flames, and the last ounces of PGGB are vaporised with it.

Are you the *hoopy frood* who can save the world from eternal tee-totalism?

To play the game, download the app at and install it. To start the game, you need to find the rescue capsule new the BER village. Call 9236 or 8668 if you have questions...