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Contact mail(at)
Description This is a Village mainly organised by the CCC Hamburg and everyone who feels some connections to us.
Members Dodger, Gnomus, Hbr, Nfoonf
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Subvillage of Village:Nordlichter
Related to village Village:BER, Village:Leitstelle511
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Location for self-organized sessions Yes
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Location 141.88103, 161.36397
Orga contact
Citizens 40
Needs network 2) normal wired Villages describe network needs
Needs power 3) Village with up to 60 citizens (32A CEE 400V)
Power comment We want give power to 50 Peoples.
Village plans ... bring light installations, ... build up a big tent, ... install a fridge or a freezer, ... have any other unusual installations
Village constraints We will provide space to hang out for other camp participants on our village, We like to be placed on a central location where many people are crossing, We would like to have trees on our village area, We like to show the stuff we do
Village comments plans Lasers....
Likes to rent a tent Yes
Descibing tents to rent
Likes to rent chairs
Likes to rent tables
Provides transport for goods, people
Has plans with tracks
Size needed 300 500
Has order interest Yes
Planning notes We plan to invite all the Hackspaces of northern germany to join us.


Hi, this is Nordlichter VillageWe want to provide a cool Space for everyone, where all people can have a good time and can spend the camp together. We especially are keen to meet all our Neighbours in the northern part of Germany. Please feel free to come around!

We will bring with us:

  • Two SG30 Tents
  • Sofas
  • Some Basic Kitchen Stuff
  • A Fridge
  • Cooking Equipment