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Description Electricity is a limited resource at this camp. Let us try to power as many of your gadgets as possible from solar, wind, etc.
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We will try to make our own power from solar, wind, etc, and keep our gadgets off-grid for the camp. Some ideas:

  • Solar cells and panels.
  • Generators for wind turbines, etc.
  • Wind turbine designs.
  • Power storage.
  • Charge controllers, dumb and smart, for various battery chemistries.
  • Charge and power monitoring.
  • Voltage conversion, DC-DC and DC-AC.

I will bring some untabbed solar cells to make small custom panels, a box of about 100 unused laptop batteries for energy storage/UPS projects, a selection of DC-DC converters, a couple of old UPS systems which we can try to use for high power DC-AC conversion, etc. Bring hard disk magnets, coil wire and coils for generators, microcontrollers for advanced charge controllers (e.g. Maximum Power Point Tracking for solar and wind) and monitoring, solar cells, ideas and equipment for making wind turbines, car generators, batteries, etc. Even bicycles – you can make power for your gadgets when exercising.